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Albino A+ SupaGro® kit de cultivo con substrato 100% colonizado

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Disponibilidad: Disponible de 2/4/2019

44,50 €
Revisiones de Cliente (10)
Ich habe schon einige Gro Kits und verschiedene Sorten ausprobiert, aber die Albinos sind der absolute Wahnsinn. Keine andere Sorte konnte bisher so klare und deutliche Optiks hervorrufen. Dieser Pilz ist absolut potent und es lohnt sich absolut. Ich hatte zwar bei weitem nicht so viel Ertrag wie mit den Hawaiianern oder McKenna, aber der Trip ist der Wahnsinn. Ich würde das Kit jederzeit wieder bestellen. Revisión por FGDE (Publicado en 15/4/2016)
grows very slow and the supagrow bag sucks, used the normal bag from my A+ set. No contamination after 4 weeks, very very amazing fruits but hard to grow beautiful ones. Very potent but I had my third flush with my McKennai's and about 5 times more fruits.
After all I would buy them again, the potency and the amazing look weights up all bad characteristics! Five Stars from me.
Revisión por Dominik (Publicado en 26/8/2015)
Der Albino ist der absolute Hammer! Noch nie so einen Trip gehabt =)
Nachdem mein erstes Kit kontaminiert war, habe ich sofort ein frisches Albino-Kit erhalten! (Thanks 4 it MMS)
Erster Flush hat bei mir 13Tage gedauert und ergab etwa 15g trocken! 2ter Flush ist grad dick am wachsen =)

Hab vorgestern mit nem Kumpel jeder 2gramm trockene albinos genommen, er im Tee und ich gegessen! Wirkung trat bei mir 20minuten später ein...ALTER Schwede, Gedankenexplosionen ohne Ende, haben dann beschlossen im tiefsten regen in den Wald zu gehen....die Geräusche, der regen auf der haut, die farben der hat geregnet wie aus eimern und uns hat das nicht gestört, alles war klitschnass,handy, kippen,rucksack,klamotten...einfach alles =)
Auch extrem viele Lachflashs gehabt und farben viel intensiver mit mustern wahrgenommen!
ALBINO A+ IST EINFACH 1A =) 100%ige Weiterempfehlung!
<3 ya MMS

Revisión por Duke (Publicado en 18/8/2015)
Schnelle Lieferung, super flushes, super Wirkung...
Die Growbox war innerhalb von 4 Tagen da und nach 1,5 Wochen konnte ich die ersten paar Ernten. Hatte einen 1. Flush von ca 19g trocken...
Ein sehr bunter Trip voller Visuals und deeper Gedanken. Allerdings sehr entspannt und gar nicht anstrengend :D
Revisión por GWB (Publicado en 2/6/2015)
Great product !!!
Fast shipping ... First flush 13days after opening kit and it was 200g fresh shrooms ... verry happy im triped just on 10grams of fresh mushrooms also have a good visuals everything was in waves like everything was breathing ... great product and fun with friends also verry spiritual adventure . Second flush is comming :) Revisión por George (Publicado en 16/10/2014)
At first I was a bit worried about the A+, like it's more a novelty strain. But it grew quick, pale white shrooms and a large flush. The blue can be seen in the mushroom directly because of the Albino white in this A+. You have to try this strain!! Revisión por sjonnie (Publicado en 26/6/2014)
Great speed
I ordered one of these growboxes, and it got shipped to me on March 21'st. I only had to add water. Right now it's April 3'rd and my table is full of shroomies. This is the fastest growing kit I've ever had. The flush was just like in the picture. Great stuff. Revisión por Someone (Publicado en 3/4/2014)
Nicht schlecht !
Nach elf Tagen kamen die ersten Pin's zum Vorschein. Nach vier weiteren Tagen war die Ernte bereit! Der Trip war sehr bunt und wir haben viel gelacht, aber ich hatte mehr erwartet Visuals waren kaum vorhanden leider auch keine akustischen Veränderungen / Halluzinationen ! Hab mit meiner Freundin jeweils 3,5 Gramm trocken gefuttert. Nun warte ich auf den zweiten flush! Hoffe der bringt mehr Schwung mit :)
Großes Lob an supa gro ;)
Revisión por Lenuam (Publicado en 28/3/2014)
New but again!
Being fairly new to mushrooms, my friend and I decided to eat about 2,5 grams of the A+ Super Albino mushrooms each. Within the first thirty minutes the effects became more vivid and vivid, both visually and mentally. While my friend plunged into the depths of time and space my mind became clear of any thought. My plain curtains were filled with colorful moving patterns. The longer I stared at a specific area in my room, the more it came to life. Free of thought I allowed the mushroom to transform my apartment into a beautiful place. The lights on the ceiling became vibrant and emerged into one another. We shared a strong feeling of tranquility and peace, Buddha himself would be jealous of our state of mind.
The entire trip lasted about five hours. The first two were definitely the most intense, in a good way. Neither of us experienced nausea or any feeling of discomfort. Contrary to when taking xtc, we did not feel the urge to take more when we noticed the effects were diminishing. When the trip reached it's end, we both felt like that was alright. Our sense of time was nowhere to be found while tripping and we both felt like we experienced so much more than you normally would during a five hour time period. It's a year of therapy mashed into one evening.
Would highly recommend the Super Albino for both beginners and experienced users. Next time I'll try 3,5 grams and see where that takes me.
Revisión por Jeroen (Publicado en 19/8/2013)
Together with a friend we had a taste of the A+ Super Albino 100% Myceliumbox from We first put the mushrooms in a mixer to be able to mix it with yoghurt. It turned out to be a good bowl of yoghurt:) Already after 15 minutes, visual and physical effects started to drag me into a trip that would last for 4-5 hours. The room was now full of beautiful patterns and colors and I felt a kind of serenity and peace in it. Time did not exist in the state that I was in and my mind was in some kind of other dimension which allowed me to understand things that I had never thought of before. The intensity of the experience changed over time like a kind of wave pattern. What surprised me was the fact that music did not influence the trip for me. I never felt any fear or panic during the trip. In contrast, my mind was in full control and I was enjoying it consciously. I would recommend the product to everyone as I had a fantastic experience in so many ways. Revisión por B0B (Publicado en 14/8/2013)

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