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India Orissa Magic mushroom kit

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PES Amazon kit de cultivo 100% colonizado SupaGro®

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41,95 €
Revisiones de Cliente (10)
Great Customer Support!!
This is the place where you can get a very good and loving Customer Support!!Thanks again Leia!! Revisión por F......E (Publicado en 5/4/2018)
Big shrooms
Big shrooms with high potency Revisión por Tomas (Publicado en 23/2/2018)
Very satisfied 5 stars
Plants of big shrooms with high potency Revisión por Tomas (Publicado en 23/2/2018)
Excellent service and product, have just picked first ones very pleased with results, would highly recommend. Revisión por Shaz (Publicado en 9/12/2017)
Grow kit
Very good and easy to grow. Big nice mushrooms. Many flushes, very pleased. Revisión por Mushroom (Publicado en 8/12/2017)
Very happy mofo!
Great quality kit, 3 flushes yielded around 400g fresh altogether ( I did wait around 5 weeks before starting, had them sealed in the box in the bottom of the fridge). Very fast fruiting 12 days from pins to ready to pick. So easy to do, very little you have to do, they do all the work for you. Delivery was exceptionally fast, will definitely be ordering more kits in the future. Revisión por CheshireCat (Publicado en 15/9/2016)
Very nice
Well... the plastic box of the substrate arrived broken
But.... i did it anyway ... couldnt soak it well... and had non serious contamination in substrate

Very nice and big mushrooms
And nice effect last for few hours.. from 3 medium size mushrooms
Almost no stomach irretation
The mushrooms look more beautiful that my first B+ kit from this shop

Reply MMS: We are sorry to hear your box was broken! But happy to hear it all went well at the end. For the future you can just inform us if you have a problem with your product.
Revisión por Samski (Publicado en 11/6/2016)
Brilliant kit!
As some other people have said, these shroom kits dont need much tender love and care they are really robust and the shrooms keep on coming! Very pleased Revisión por Alex (Publicado en 28/5/2016)
3flushes more and more
after 2 good harvest, more pins are popping up! Trippin' all the time :) Revisión por Rex (Publicado en 11/3/2016)
Safe bet! Good buy
Got this one in a 5 pack of SupaGro kits. It grows faster than the other non SG if you are in a hurry. this one is okay.

I did not take much care of this kit, negelcted it a bit. Ony addes some sprays of water 1 time a week and no airing. But after 1,5 week the pins were the there and 3 days later a full harvest of mushrooms..approx 224grams fresh. When dried it was like 20 grams of small muhsrooms, but that is okay for a good trip
We took 5 grams with 4 persons..and took off in half an hour to a diffrent universe in an heavy trip. 4-5 hours later we landed and could relax some more be fore we were back on basline.. good one to start the week.
Revisión por JJ (Publicado en 29/2/2016)

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