Amazonian XP Fresh Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit

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Kit de cultivo setas alucinógenas Amazon XP de FreshMushrooms®

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Very easy to grow and many flushes! Highly recommend Revisión por serina (Publicado en 2/11/2018)
Makes many pinheads and strong flushed. Revisión por Emil (Publicado en 30/10/2018)
Great :(
The best grow box ever Revisión por Danijel (Publicado en 28/10/2018)
Great product
Great grow box. I will order again ;) Revisión por Danijel (Publicado en 28/10/2018)
Not so sure about these kits!
I've used the standard grows kits plenty of time and always had a quick yield of nice big shrooms the first time followed by two, maybe even three yields of equally as lovely shrooms following.
This time we thought we'd try out a different kind of kit. We have one Amazonian and one Mazatapec.
22 days after cultivation began we had only had 2 or 3 very small shrooms from the Amazonian kit that had grown around the sides and just not progressed past not even a centimetre in size. The Mazatapec had tiny pinheads all over from around day 8 but absolutely no growth after that.
After chatting with customer services (vincent van goa lol!) I decided to start a fresh flush on the amazonians and then picked all the pinheads (hundreds!) from the mazatapec and cold shocked that kit.
Another 9 days later...
The amazonian has sprouted quite a few very small, gnarled looking shrooms but every single one without fail is wedged down the side. The Mazatapec has sprouted ONE shroom that has stayed about 1cm tall for the past 3 days with no visible progress.
Without thinking we had the Mckennai kit from the same brand delivered as we wanted to try a different kind of shroom plus getting frustrated with no results on the other two. It has pinheads but to be honest im not holding my breathe for anything spectacular to happen.

The space the kits are cultivated in is lovely and sterile, we followed the instructions to the tee and the temperature is always between 21-24c. I'm just not convinced by these kits. Never before has it taken 31 days, over THREE kits, to cultivate a measely few grams of dried mushies.

Very dissapointing.
Revisión por Yamm (Publicado en 16/9/2018)
***** very good
Easy to grow, great effect! Revisión por Misja (Publicado en 24/7/2018)
deutliche verschlechterung zu den alten kits
trotz exakter Einhaltung der Anleitung wuchsen bei beiden kits keine Pilze. bei den alten kits gab es nie Probleme. die "Fresh-mushrooms" sind imho nicht empfehlenswert. Revisión por Martin (Publicado en 18/7/2018)
Great product
I followed the instruction and had one flush already. Just be patient and this will yield a great flush ;) Revisión por Shroomer (Publicado en 4/7/2018)
Easy to grow
These kits are really fast growing and a nice yield. So much faster than other kits, will definitely purchase again. Really great strain as well. Revisión por shireen (Publicado en 28/6/2018)
Very good grow kit. Really easy to manage, hardly any maintenance at all!

Grew really fast and have 3 flushes so far.

Will definitely be buying another kit when this one is done!
Revisión por Kim (Publicado en 18/6/2018)

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