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Kit de cultivo setas alucinógenas B+ XP de FreshMushrooms®

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You can do better..
As a longtime customer i first want to say that i am usually very happy with what i get.. High quali with high yields and many flushs! But sometimes shit happens..
I never had a problem until last order.. maybe it was because of the heavy summer or the age of the box.. i dont know.. but this one was very bad.. very slow grow and not even 10g after all.. you can do better! ;)
Revisión por Shroomie (Publicado en 17/1/2019)
Die waren gut, die Wirkung könnte stärker sein, habe sie allerdings zu früh geerntet Revisión por Lbud (Publicado en 16/1/2019)
Very easy and efficient
Very happy with this kit. Produced good growth, especially with the first flush. Great potency too. And setting it up was super easy and well described. Revisión por Twoni (Publicado en 8/12/2018)
Well, that was surprisingly easy...
I got over 150 grams (picking weight) with my first attempt ever, without even paying much attention. Solid potency despite late picking. Revisión por Ben (Publicado en 5/12/2018)
Really good!!
Me and my friends enjoyed these mushrooms very much, they arrived in only 4 days and grew within the next 2 weeks.didnt manage to get a second flush out of them bit that was my fault as i didnt use clean equipment.overall still great quality. Revisión por Carlton (Publicado en 29/11/2018)
Great product. Great service. Keep coming back. X Revisión por Leechy (Publicado en 20/11/2018)
I'm absolutely satisfied
I purchased 4 boxes of B+XP and 1 boxes of GT XP. In general, B+ has some good properties, includig easy to grow, large yield. So I can recommend to anyone, especially for the beginners. The srooms were started pinning about after 1 week , after then just bigger&bigger. I'm waiting for productivity of GT XP. I'm very curios.

Best regards
Revisión por Richard (Publicado en 16/10/2018)
Not more than average
First had the SupaDrow which moulded right away. Then I received those ones as a substitute which was nice. But in comparison to the regular growing kit way less outcome, takes longer and also not as potent. I still definitely recommend the regular grow kit. Wouldn't buy this one though. Revisión por Majuzz (Publicado en 20/9/2018)
Very fast grow. Good customer care. Love this strain.
Very fast grow. Good customer care. Love this strain. Revisión por Adam (Publicado en 6/9/2018)
Sehr gut und einfach
Wir waren alle super zufrieden damit. Die Zucht ging sehr schnell und auch der Verzehr war ideal. Revisión por Thorben (Publicado en 4/9/2018)

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