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B+ cubensis kit de cultivo de setas mágicas Mondo®

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Great Revisión por M (Publicado en 7/11/2023)
Great Revisión por M (Publicado en 7/11/2023)
Good even for newbies
My very first kit, so I don't have any comparison, but it was very easy to take care of and I got four flushes (before unfortunately I contaminated it).
I am very happy with the crops and will repurchase!
Revisión por Og (Publicado en 24/10/2023)
It was my first time growing mushrooms and i liked it. I had some problems with mushrooms not growing "normaly" a lot of them were growing almost horizontaly and weird shaped. Otherwise it was good, will buy again. Revisión por Spora (Publicado en 31/3/2023)
Easy to grow, top quality, great customer service!
I really enjoyed the whole process. The instructions were easy to follow and I am more than satisfied with the amount of dry mushrooms I got, and with the effects of eating 3,5g few days ago.

Also had great experience with the customer service. You can feel that this page isnt all about the money and profit, there are some really nice guys working here!
Would recommend 100%!
Revisión por Luka (Publicado en 1/3/2023)
Easy and reliable
Using my kit the 5th time now. Still some shrooms in popping up. Revisión por Nemo (Publicado en 21/12/2022)
Great kit
The first flush was good :) let’s wait for the second one ☝️ Revisión por Wolverine (Publicado en 18/12/2022)
Perfect to get into growing mushrooms
After setting the kit up, nothing seemed to happen at first and I got worried, that it might not work, but then after about 10 days the first pin appeared, then it was 5, 20, 50, up to 150 mushrooms!
3 weeks after dunking the cake, I was able to harvest my first mushrooms.
It was 97 gram fresh on one day and 77 on the next. After drying them in the dehydrator I was left with 18 grams dry. A lot more than I expected and it could have been even more, if I didn't harvest them by twisting and used a blade instead. That way I wouldn't have to rip out the younger mushrooms together with the mature ones.
Right now the second flush is going strong with some very promissing looking, fat little mushrooms. It's really as easy as it gets and really fun to watch them grow.
One thing you can do to improve growing conditions, is to cut a few slits into the bag to allow FAE (fresh air exchange) and a few minutes of sun light a day is actually very beneficial.

As far as the effects, I can't say much, because I haven't had the chance to try them yet, but judging by the other reviews they should be pretty potent. In any case it was worth the money, even just for the growing experience.
Revisión por Mathias (Publicado en 8/12/2022)
First grow, nice shrooms
My first experience with growing these kind of mushrooms and I'm quite happy. Shipping was incredibly fast. After about two weeks the first pins appeared. It was fun to watch them grow and in the end I got 180 grams from the first flush. The second round shows fewer pins but let's see how much I will get. Overall I would definitely recommend it! Revisión por Tom (Publicado en 23/11/2022)
Gute Ergebnisse, gute Qualität !
Die Umsetzung der Anleitung ist sehr einfach und führte zu einer sehr guten Ausbeute. Revisión por Gerhard (Publicado en 15/10/2022)

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