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Mondo® kit de cultivo B+

Mondo® kit de cultivo B+

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 28 de julio de 2015):
I will be forever thankful to my friend, who showed me this website and how awesome and life-changing taking magic mushrooms is.

The kit did well, I guess - I am already over the 4th flush.

1st flush: a zillion 3-4cm small mushrooms and 8 regular ones (didn't weigh), around 13-15 cm
2nd flush: again, a ton of small ones and it produced 9 regular ones and one extra huge one (25 cm). Called it El Giganto.
3rd flush: very few small ones. It grew 7 incredibly huge ones, ranging from 26 to 30cm.

Just went today to the 4th flush and am wondering if that'll grow anything as there were a lot of small aborts for the first 2 times.

Well...everything is, as the others who gave feedback say.
Started for me usually after 15-30 minutes. It comes with a big bang, you start to laugh histerically on everything. That lasts for hours, without the feel of time. You will see another side of everything you knew, if you are that person. The body high is sometimes mild, sometimes heavy, tho one will be able to stand and walk.

Tried it alone, with one friend and with a group of friends. Alone is not recommended, the more people you are with, who you like, the funnier the trip will be. I managed to leave my cell switched on and had to deal with stuff that I wasn't prepared to :) so always turn off the phones :)
2nd time with a friend we went for sugary drinks, and killed the laugther (without wanting it) and we went into such a deep and meaningful debate, I'd never thought will happen. We smoked a pack of cigi during it (if you like smoking, you'll love it during the trip).

Last week we went to a summer house to try it with a group of friends (6persons). Everyone took 1.5 to 1.7 grams dry and started playing Risk. We could not start the game as everyone was laughing their minds off, however after we managed the start, we had a wonderful time. After 4 hours we were still laughing like maniacs, the effects slowly calmed down after this time. The next day we repeated the thing, but with going to the nearby lake. The usual 10 minute walk turned out to be 40 minutes with histerical laughter filling the air - I guess everyone tought we are out-of-our-minds-stoned :D We couldn't do anything with the laughter, so we went on and had a dip, where I had the same "grid" as Christopher (a couple of reviews below me) explained.

The water during the night was making me see a "hud", with colorful things twirling and twisting and for a couple of seconds I also saw the green grid, floating in black. Of course the laughter was still going on, therefore I did not pay any special attention to this whole phenomenon, but am still thinking about it, what it could mean.

I'm curious about the 4th flush and am looking forward to ordering more later in the summer.