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Cambodian XP | Fresh Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit

Cambodian XP | Fresh Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit

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Easy grow,good trip
Easy grow,good trip,
Revisado por Johan / (Publicado en 18/12/2018)
Nie wieder!
Habe schon viele Boxen gehabt von anderen Anbietern und war immer zufrieden! Hier jedoch Qualität sowie Ertrag einfach nur mies....

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Revisado por timo / (Publicado en 2/11/2018)
Bought the mushrooms, grew them, it happened quite quickly too. Moslty grew on the sides of the package. Ate them but I didn't feel anything. NOT A THING ( except a headache hours later)
Why could that be?

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Revisado por Octavio / (Publicado en 1/10/2018)
My first time growing AND eating mushrooms. Order and delivery was impeccable and fast.
Growing was super easy and hassle free, although lots of mushrooms grew and got "trapped" on the sides of the package. picked them up, dried them, grinned them and now is when my disappointment comes. took a 1,5 dose and NOTHING Happened. no colours, no trip, no nothing. It felt like a mild E pill. Why could that be?

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Revisado por Otto / (Publicado en 23/9/2018)
Wächst problemlos
allles OK
Revisado por Thomas / (Publicado en 15/9/2018)
Really Good Flush
Happy Farmer Experience, 5 flushs and more if more care and attention.
Highly recommended to chill the bodymind and treat anxiety.
Revisado por Paulinhx / (Publicado en 6/9/2018)
Cambodian Delight
A really nice flush on the first one and a few more after. Very nice strain... lots of fun
Revisado por Serina / (Publicado en 5/6/2018)
Cambodian Delight
A really nice flush on the first one and a few more after. Very nice strain... lots of fun
Revisado por Serina / (Publicado en 5/6/2018)
Ce kit de culture est vraiment bien.
Pas beaucouo d'entretien et il y a un très bon rendement.
Je recommande
Revisado por Jennie / (Publicado en 26/5/2018)
Great flushes & trips!
I had ordered this mushrooms growkit on april 5th 2018, it arrived very quickly on april 6th.

I started immediately with the growing process.
The first flush was ready to harvest in just 10 days, I harvested 160 grams. (I did not spray the insides of the growbag, just opened the bag once a day because the bag was deflating a little bit as time passed by)

After the harvest I soaked the growkit for 12 hours and put it back in the bag. In just a short 11 days the second flush was ready to harvest, this time it was 50 grams.
So the grand total is: 210 grams of fresh mushrooms.

Now to evaluate the trips! :)
The trips were really extravagant and exceptionally good!!
These Cambodian mushrooms are really out of this world, the bodyvibes were a real treat for the body (it felt like an underskin scrubbing massage).
And we (again) laughed ourselves almost to death, with programs like " Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" and "90 Days to wed". ^^

All-in-All these mushrooms really exceeded expectations; I would rate it a A++!

Definitely would recommend this growkit, and will buy again!

[ MMS Edit : We looooooove these kind of experiences and belly aches of laughing too! ]
Revisado por Psychomush / (Publicado en 23/5/2018)

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