B+ Magic Mushrooms Cubensis Spore Vial

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Esporas de setas B+ cubensis

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Not what I expected but still good
It was my first time using this so I did not get such good results. I did nnt know how much to use and I broke some of my jars when I left the rye grain cooking without water . I managed to get enough colonized for 1 1l box out of the syringe. I have not grown the mushrooms yet because it is not ready yet. If you are looking for something interesting to do this is a good option. But if its just mushrooms you are after the B plus mycelium boxes are much better. Some of the mushrooms I got from the B Plus mycelium boxes weigh 15 grams most 10 grams. Very easy to grow. Spray 5 times every 2 days with water and not too bright light. A kind of shaded area is best. 3 weeks later almost the whole surface is covered with huge 10 gram mushrooms. Very fast delivery. This is the best website to buy mushroom stuff from. Fast customer service as well. Revisión por Edward (Publicado en 29/5/2012)

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