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Golden Teacher XL | kit de cultivo extra grande

Golden Teacher XL | kit de cultivo extra grande

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42,50 €

Important information about Golden Teacher XL | kit de cultivo extra grande

  • Para realizar un pedido debes tener más de 18 años.
  • Este producto sólo se sirve a direcciones europeas.
  • El consumo de setas mágicas se realizará bajo tú responsabilidad, por lo tanto, asegúrate de estar bien informado sobre su uso y sus efectos.
  • El precio no incluye los gastos de envío.

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Very nice!
Im now going forward to the second round (flush), there were big mushrooms in the first flush, not so many,lets see if the second comes with more. But i have to emphatise the fact that i had the best trip of my live. It took my brain high to another level with just 2 mid sized(fresh).Not just a question of good mood and color fascination, But a discovery of a complex high. I do not recomend overdose and overuse. Cheers
Revisado por Pedro / (Publicado en 28/5/2016)
I just wanted to let every potencial customer know that these guys have a genuine respect for their clients. The customer service is probably the most trustworthy I've met until this date. 10/10
Revisado por thoughtjungle / (Publicado en 27/5/2016)
absolutely satissfied
if i forsee the fact that it took long time till first pins show up,the rest were fully let me happy...very very big mushrooms but not so many,,but who cares..the rooms were between 6-17gr..heavy...and i have to add i had the best visual effects ever...i took 30 gr of fresh golden teacher rooms and i didnt even stop tripping and wathins shapes colours for at least two hours when i was keeping my eyes far the best visual effects i ve tried on rooms..
Revisado por alexandros / (Publicado en 5/4/2016)

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