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Video Instructions for the Myceliumboxes

Jump to the instruction video for MycoMate® and MycoMate®XLSupaGro®FreshMushrooms® 

*Always use the intructions on the product page, they will be updated frequently.

Growing is a process, please be aware that many environmental factors can be of influence on how the kit grows. Use your eyes, nose and common sense.

Instructions video for MycoMate® and MycoMate®XL grow kits

MycoMate® Magic Mushroom Grow kit video instructions by magicmushroomsshop

Make sure to add some space between kit and heatingmat! Read more on how to use a heatingmat.

Instruction video for SupaGro® grow kits

SupaGro® magic mushroom grow kit instruction video by magicmushroomsshop

Attention! The use of a heating mat is not recommended by SupaGro®, use at own risk!

Instructions for FreshMushrooms® 

The instructions for the FresMushrooms® grow kits are available as written instructions only.