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HempWick thin 30 ft/ 9m

HempWick thin 30 ft/ 9m

Hempwick thin 30 ft/ 9 meter!, this special organic hemp thread is hand coated with beeswax and is used to light up your smoke, incense and candles. The Thin Hempwick is for indoor use, it burns fast and has almost no smoke development. Totally organic.A hippie favorite!

HempWick is the ORIGINAL organic lighter alternative that is handmade by Hippies.

We choose to add this beautiful product to our catalog due it's awesomeness Hemp wick is made to light anything! Your herbs, incense, candles, bong and joints! The great thing is it will not let you inhale the butane gass from your lighter and it will preserve the natural flavor. 

All ingredients used in Hempwick are natural!

Beeswax: Currently waxing with organic tropical wildflower blossom beeswax from our local mangroves! The bee hives it comes from are in our east coast mangroves on super wild land. The bees gather the pollens they need to make wild tropical blossom honey and wax from gallberry, saw palmetto, and other tropical wild flower blossoms. The acreage surrounding their hives is wild, un cultivated, and is not fertilized or chemically sprayed. Our local beeswax is what gives HempWick its super sweet aroma of honey and rich golden color. The color of the wax can vary from light yellow to medium brown because of the season and because it is made by bees from lots of flowers. Bees are naturally attracted to HempWick because they can smell the sweet pure beeswax.

Hemp: Our pure organic hemp is grown in Europe. It is unbleached, minimally processed & un-fooled around with- until we hand wax it! The color of Hemp Wick varies due to the season the hemp is grown, the farm it is grown on and the strain of the plant itself because it is a crop of the earth.

Handmade by Hippies means: NO plastic wrap, NO GMO's, NO potato starch, NO lead, NO filler waxes, NO hidden ingredients, NO paraffin wax, NO blended fibers, NO acid salts, NO chemically treated anything, NO outsourcing, NO factories, NO robots, NO made in China, NO funky stuff, and certainly NO unfair labor practices!! 

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