Mazatapec fresh magic mushroom kit

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Kit de cultivo setas alucinógenas Mazatapec XP de FreshMushrooms®

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a bit less yield as usual but very potent
First flush 80g
Second flush 20g
Third flush 2g
I used to harvest more with other growkit but quality is ok. Delivery was fast too.
Revisión por Flacky (Publicado en 9/11/2018)
great produce
easy grow, easy to follow instructions Revisión por alisson (Publicado en 24/10/2018)
Mazatapec working great as usual
I've bought this two or three times now and I'm very happy with the way it works. There's hardly any work to do, and the benefits, well...let's just call it magic. Revisión por Alexandru (Publicado en 4/10/2018)
Geringe Ernte
Wir kauften sonst immmer das SupaGro Kit.
Aber leider waren in diesem Jahr alle Kits kontaminiert mit Schimmel.
Du entschieden wir uns in diesem Jahr für das Fresh Mushrooms Kit.
Wir sind jedoch nicht zufrieden damit da die Ernte erheblich geringer ausfiel.(und das unter perfekten Bedingungen)
Revisión por Michael (Publicado en 26/9/2018)
nope definitely not getting one of these again
I recently invested in 3 of these freshmushrooms kits. 1 amazonian, 1 mckennai and 1 mazatapec (because variety is the spice of life!)

I have previously used the standard kits on numerous occasions and had absolutely no problems.

30-something days after the start of cultivation I have had to call it a day on this particular kit (Mazatapec). For over 20 days we only had pinheads so followed vincent van goghs advice to pick all of the pinheads and cold shock the kit. In total we have had 1 very small shroom and about 0.2g dried pinheads, and have ended this little experiment with a lovely contaminated kit. It doesn't seem to be the workspace used as the other two kits are definitely not contaminated.

The amazonian kit produced very few incredibly small shrooms until finally no progress so we started a second flush. As per the first flush only very small, crooked looking shroomies down the sides of the kit exclusively (which is a pain as the cake isn't very strong so upon picking the cake itself just crumbles and chunks break off despite being incredibly gentle).

The Mckennai kit has had pinheads for a few days and has shot up one small shroomie (this kit was ordered and started much later than the other two). Despite following exact instructions as per the other two, LOTS of water has pooled around the bottom of the kit to the extent that it is seeping out of the surface and pooling so have had to pour out water and dab up pools which puts the kit at high risk of contamination. Just having water pooled there gives a risk factor to bacteria and fungus getting into the kit.

I am so very disappointed with this brand of kit and definitely wont be using it again. It promises high yield and an easy process but we have had problem after problem across all three kits. And our workspace is sterile by the way, only one kit got contaminated and all three have been stood side by side this whole time.

Revisión por grumblee (Publicado en 18/9/2018)
Everything is good. Delivery was fast.

Setting up this grow kit is extra-easy and almost maintance-free. My only concern was humidity of the cake, it was quite dry, and this IMO makes the first flush fairly long (like 16-18 days). But grow guide don't say anything about sinking so i didn't do it.

I expected bigger yield, but yeah - that's pretty subjective thing. Third flush on the go, mushies grow healthy and massive. For me its like 6-8g dried mass per flush.
Revisión por Jacek (Publicado en 29/8/2018)
Best strain I've tried yet
This is by far the best strain I've tried yet. We decided to do them in the forest on Saturday night and took them using the lemon Tec method. Oh my god were they good or what. Words can't describe what we felt or saw. Definitely will be ordering these again. Revisión por Sean (Publicado en 24/7/2018)
Nice first yield and very colourful with relaxing body buzz. Only reason for not giving 5 starts is I only got two flushes out of the cake on both times I've grown it. Would recommend this product easy to grow and nice experiences to be had with it. Revisión por Sean (Publicado en 17/7/2018)
Dissapointing cake
I unfortunately did not find the quality of previous orders in this product... The first flush had more mushrooms growing on the sides and bottom of the cake than the top and yield was dissapointing... Managed to take it to the fourth flush now, but I am no longer expecting a miracle...

It's a true shame because your products and service have never let me down before.. Guess I got the dysfunctional cake!
Revisión por Alice (Publicado en 20/6/2018)
good quality box
Very simple, easy to handle growkit on rey-chalk-base. Good harvest even though I don't have a that clean environment.
Bonus: The Plasticbag is really thought through and even details like the paperclips are picked consciousely.
The Shrooms were giant! My biggest one had 5.5g dried-
Mazatapek: quite a happy fellah, good for microdosing against anxiety and depression.
Revisión por bex (Publicado en 16/6/2018)

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