MycoMate® Fast Fungi Kit

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MycoMate® Fast Fungi Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

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Sofar, so good.
I purchased this kit along with some other stuff. Haven't gotten around to harvesting yet, but all looks well.
I'm very excited!!
Revisión por Stefan (Publicado en 2/6/2015)
Nothing happening
I've followed the instructions very specifically, but after the rehydration process , they have now been idling for over a week now. I've been misting but not over watering, but no signs of mushroom development and just a big white ball really, like when I took it out the fridge after dunking. Really disappointed Nd would like some feedback?!?!

[mms edit: hey simon, one week is normal, this is to be expected. Please contact our support for more help and info!]
Revisión por simon (Publicado en 23/4/2013)
Good guys, good product

I fawcked up everything when growing my shrooms. Kept the LC at too low temperature, the spawnbag at too high temperature, and fiddled with the cake as if it was my GF. Still i got 18g dried mushrooms divided on 6 flushes. Between the 4th and 5th flush I even dropped the cake from 160 cm height, making a mess on the floor. I lived through all the horror I had. Customer Service were exceptionally good. I called them many times, sent e-mails and pictures, and they always answered within 24 hrs. Love'em! I've tried nepal, think I'll move on to Cambodia next time. Peace out!
Revisión por Morten de la Norvége (Publicado en 18/7/2012)

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