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MycoMate® Kilo Magic Mushroom Substrate Kit

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Fab Service
Just to let you know, i am a first time grower, The service is absolutely fabulous, received the order 3 days after the money reached them. Product came in unharmed. the kit is pretty efficient. Cant wait for it the fruit. the colonization looks amazing. will be back with more once the kit fruits. will defo be ordering again. Revisión por Ryan (Publicado en 13/4/2016)
Spectacular first flush (& waiting for the next one)
It simply works like magic (even after a long intercontinental flight!). I have grown mushrooms only four or five times, always with good results. Last time, though, it was a complete failure, so I gave growing up growing them. Until I discovered this product, and decided to have a go at it. I don't regret it at all.
Just two recomendations: 1. use it together with Sporemate; 2. read the instructions as many times as you find it necessary to understand all the steps of the process (btw, thank you and congrats to whomever wrote the instructions).
Revisión por Sobria_Ebritas (Publicado en 13/10/2015)
Génial! :D
Envoie très rapide, très satisfaisant pour les cultivateur intermédiaire, un peu moins rapide que les barquette mais l'économie se fait sentir je recommande vivement pour ce qui veulent une récolte plus importante que les barquette! :D Revisión por Jumido (Publicado en 21/9/2015)
Génial! :D
Envoie super rapide et démarrage des barquette super simple et rapide également, je recommande a tout les débutant! Et il y'a une grosse récoltes a la clef ! Revisión por Jumido (Publicado en 21/9/2015)
whaou! order arrived super fast, it's perfect! there's more to ca way! thank you magic!

I enverais colorful photos!;-)

was soon the

Revisión por loic (Publicado en 8/3/2013)
Good and simple
I bought this product in June, and I have to say- I got more than I expected- great quality, easy steps to follow, no green mold, a lot of mushrooms- more than one kilo. It's adventure time! I heartily recommend it Revisión por Karina (Publicado en 5/12/2012)
MycoMate® Kilo Kit
Fast delivery, and works perfectly I am now fruiting my mushrooms and they are popping up everywhere this is my first grow and didn’t imagine it to be this easy. Just follow the instructions and you will be harvesting in no time. Revisión por Rami (Publicado en 22/10/2012)

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