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Panama cubensis por SupaGro

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Panama kit de cultivo 100% colonizado SupaGro®

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41,95 €
Revisiones de Cliente (14)
This mushroom is more psychedelic than some others. 2.6 g dried took us on a fill blown inner journey where we lost the sense reality!

very easy to grow!
Revisión por jonny (Publicado en 28/10/2018)
Un gran viaje! Revisión por Jause (Publicado en 25/9/2018)
Muy buen viaje!
Increíbles! Revisión por José Antonio (Publicado en 25/9/2018)
Solid grow, nice high
I'm pretty new to this, but my first grow was huge! although the following grows were kinda small..
The shrooms give a nice feeling, can only recommend it to everybody else!!
Revisión por Stina (Publicado en 22/3/2018)
absolument merveilleux !!!
le service après vente est formidable,
les réponse aux question très rapide.
Les panama étais ma première expérience je suis ravis, de forte hallucination a partir de 3g yeux ouvert (je précise que je suis très réceptif au champi) et pas mal de psychologie.
je recommande vivement!
Revisión por dylan (Publicado en 28/5/2016)
Great products, great service
I've ordered mushroom grow kits on three different occasions and every time they've been delivered quickly and discretely. I've always got at least 3 decent flushes from each kit and highly potent mushrooms. One time one of my kits was contaminated (it happens sometimes and goes with the territory of growing mushrooms) and the shop dispatched a new kit free of charge straight away. 10/10 for product and 10/10 for service! Revisión por Andrew (Publicado en 25/5/2016)
I highly recommend
The strain gives a big first flush and grows really fast. The kit is very easy to maintain- no fungus infection so far.

Panama works powerfully and mildly at the same time- I had a great personal growth experience thanks to my work with the mushroom.
Revisión por Nadi11 (Publicado en 17/4/2016)
You can dare go high dose with this strain
After I have tried PES Amazonian I went for Panama.
My first experience with PES amazonian was very humbling, I started by taking 2 g ... It was so intense I feinted ... I learned my lesson : Respect the Mushroom. For the next coupe mouths I used amazonian an average 1.5 g per session. Never dared to go beyond. Now back to Panama, I am on my fifth flush ... I started by taking 1 g ... than 1,7 g ... than 2.5 g ... Was fantastic , and unlike amazonian the transendence goes slower and smouther compared to PES amazoniac .... now I take 4 to 5 g dried. and it is just fantastic ... with panama u can dare to increase the dose ... it doesnt take you out of a sudden ... its like carrying you gently to higher realem ...
Revisión por Ayoub (Publicado en 7/1/2016)
50g bien sec de ses champi puissant en 10jours ! Parfait :p Revisión por Gaetan (Publicado en 22/9/2015)
Génial! :D
Envoie super rapide et démarrage des barquette super simple et rapide également, je recommande a tout les débutant! Et il y'a une grosse récoltes a la clef ! Revisión por Jumido (Publicado en 21/9/2015)

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