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India Orissa Magic mushroom kit

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PES Hawaii kit de cultivo 100% colonizado SupaGro®

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41,95 €
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Finally an informative review :p
My growing experience:
- did grow roughly 10 packs the past years so far, mostly the Hawaiian PES
- 1 Kit was contaminated but got it replaced, thank you!

My Equipment:
Kits 1 - 6: disinfectant spray + heating mat
==> contamination after first or second flush, 300g yield per kit, perfectly 23˚C all the time

Kits 7 - 10: Upgrade to the following:
- gloves
- surgical mask
- air purifier
- disinfectant spray
- grow tent
- scalpel for harvesting
- heating mat (not used, was too hot already)
==> 4 flushes, 516g yield per kit (average), no contamination (the kit just didn't grow anything after flush 4 anymore, not even mold), due to very hot summer days sometimes up to 35˚C in my room, but could cool down the tent to 25˚C - 27˚C with ice packs (else it would have surely been the maximum of 600g yield per kit since you could see how the mushrooms suffer).

The flushes yielded as the following (average from 4 kits):
1st: 309g
2nd: 98g
3rd: 74g
4th: 35g
SUM = 516g of fresh mushrooms. Drying them just on some paper, received 46.44g in average of dried mushrooms (dry factor: 9%).

The given amount of yield (300 - 600 gram) is based on one pack, not one flush just to state this clearly.

My Dosage experience of dried mushrooms with the Hawaiian PES:
1 gram: nice and very gentle high, way clearer mind than with weed
2 gram: funny beginners trip
3 gram: intense laughing fit, highly increased perception of all senses, still very clear mind
4 gram: minor changes in outlook, else the same as 3 gram but even a little bit more intense - probably the maximum trip without many changes in outlook / strong visuals
>4 gram: Never tried, want to stay clear in my mind ;)
8 gram: maximum dose as far as I researched (more will not do more, depending on your body weight [8g -> 75kg]), similar to LSD

One thing I didn't like: the paper clips, they really suck! The ends are very thin and sharp and cut into the plastic bag all the time making it a real effort putting them on and off. Buy bigger ones with a small metal ball on the end and have a stress-free opening and closing.

One more thing: Pleas folk, write reviews that are worth reading. One liners like "awesome I got sooo high" offer just zero value. Also you will never write more once you wrote that "it arrived, so excited" like an overly reacting child. Be honest to yourself! Stay scientifically! Thank you :)

In a nutshell: Definitely worth buying, very fast shipping, awesomely nice and helpful team, very high quality of the kits. Thank you guys!
Revisión por Ludwig (Publicado en 7/9/2015)
Habe öfter bestellt auch andere Sorten und muss sagen Top alles ohne Probleme hawaiiian supa grow voll besiedelt sehr krass und schnell innerhalb von 8 tagen erntereif Revisión por zauberhaft (Publicado en 17/5/2015)
primo box :)
love this box..... very fast and deiscreet shipping.... first flush 344g
second flush 67g
and now im on my last flush....
the trip on a clear mind no tolerance was very intence... took 2gs dried and was flying around in my head in another world seeing azteec shapes and all sorts of patterns and numbers and i was able to follow my conssious to t he spot in my brain telling me i needed water cause i had a slight headace and when i drank it went away and yeah it was very intence, i can tell if i would have took a little more i would have really been gone XD love these... thanks soo much maggic shop.... youll be hearing from me soon happy new year everyone and happy safe trippin...
Revisión por marcelo (Publicado en 5/1/2015)
killer trippin!!!
fast delivery,fast grow,amazing results and insightful trips Revisión por Kaloyan (Publicado en 6/12/2013)
Very Nice Flush!
I ordered this kit june 12th, I received it very quickly. The next day 13th june I got the kit, I started immediately. I have bought a couple of kits in the past from Magic Mushrooms Shop, I didn't have good faith in this kit. Because the kit was swollen, but I tried it anyway. The weird thing was that after 12 hours of soaking, I tried to dispose of the unnecessary water. But their came nothing out of the kit. So I soaked the kit another 5 to 6 hours. I haven't sprayed the kit, I just left it closed all the time.

(I'm glad it still worked)
Within 9 days I could harvest the 1st flush, it was a very big flush! I had 203 grams of mushrooms, with one big mushrooms that weighed 23 grams! I'm going to trip tomorrow, I will write a review when I've come down. :)

[mms edit: the Golden Teacher 100% boxes or any other 100% kits, do not have to be soaked before the first flush. They contain plenty of water.]
Revisión por Gabriel (Publicado en 26/7/2013)
Massive farbgebung... super ertrag.. super wirkung Revisión por benjamin (Publicado en 1/7/2013)
Die wachsen wie verrückt es hat keine 1.5 wochen gedauert bis ich ernten konnte und über 300 g und nach der ernte konnte ich 2 tage später schon wieder ernten allerdings nicht soviel der trip ist ok heftiges körper high aber leider nicht viel visuals könnte daran liegen dass ich letzer zeit ziemlich viele pilze gegessen habe aber soweit war ich recht zufrieden Revisión por Schwede (Publicado en 23/6/2013)
Fast delivery, good product and a very nice customerservice! Keep up the good work! Revisión por Patrick (Publicado en 11/6/2013)
Das klappt hier super freitags überwiesen und dienstags bekamm ich die lieferung dafür gibtsschonmal die sterne die growboxen in einem excellenten zustand angekommen hat mich echt gefreut ich meld mich nich mal wenn so weit ist Revisión por Schwede (Publicado en 4/6/2013)

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