Digital Pocket scale My Weigh 500-ZH

Pocket scale Myweight 500 made out of Eco friendly hemp composite. This high quality and very accurate scale measures up to 500 grams, reads in precise 0.1 gram increments. The cover can be used as a tray, this makes it possible to weigh your dose of herbs, mushrooms or species perfectly

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Eco Plastic has been developed in Germany. Since its' development it is being used in housing construction, street furniture and new applications are thought of almost daily.

Now it is also used to make this quality pocket scale from My Weigh.

Properties of the 500ZH eco plastic scale:

  • 0,1 to 500 grams capacity
  • Reads grams, ounces, pennyweight and troy ounces
  • Simple operation
  • Optional LED backlight
  • Digital auto calibration
  • Heavy duty and durable cover that can be used as a tray
  • AutoOff function
  • 30 years factory warranty
  • 2 AAA Batteries included.

My weight 500ZH hemp eco plastic scale manufactures information

Hemp Plastic is difficult and expensive to produce. Currently this model is sold at near cost in order to promote natural composite plastic and launch it into the marketplace.

The My Weigh 500-ZH digital mini scale is the sort of invention that can change the world. This scale is made from a new eco-friendly hemp composite.; Hemp plastic was invented in Germany several years ago. My Weigh is the first company to purchase this new amazing material and to acquire distribution rights for it. The Hemp Plastic for this scale is made in Germany. The plastic is cold-injected in a new method, to form the housing for the 500-ZH.

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    Revisiones de Cliente

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    Practical Simple Efficiency Revisión por Raghda
    I love how light and simple to use the pocket scale is. And love the fact that it's environmental friendly & recyclable. The pocket scale is efficient, easy to handle, tiny, looks cute & does the job.
    Happily using it to scale my shrooms.
    Thank you! (Publicado en 23/12/2022)
    Great product at good price Revisión por Wadidiz
    Works fine and convenient to add to my orders. (Publicado en 2/7/2022)
    forgot to rate Revisión por Rusty
    Forgot to rate. Great scale. (Publicado en 14/7/2021)
    Excellent Revisión por Stuart
    I used certified weights to find that this scale was accurate. (Publicado en 4/6/2021)
    No complaints Revisión por Kristian
    Works perfectly. The material it is made from looks and feels great. (Publicado en 2/3/2020)
    works perfectly Revisión por Mikkel
    Perfect (Publicado en 8/11/2019)
    Great material and accuracy Revisión por Matthew
    Absolutely love the material this is made out of! Looks and feels great! Weight sensitivity is accurate and can be easily calibrated if needed. Thanks! (Publicado en 19/2/2019)
    Does the job Revisión por Damien
    Good accuracy. A shame the battery cover falls off all the time because it doesn't fit very well. A bit sloppy on the finishing in this part. (Publicado en 14/7/2015)
    Right on the money Revisión por Alex
    It does everything the description says, and looks even cooler when you got it in front of you :-D

    Fits neatly in the palm of the hand and the clearly visible hemp-fibers give it a robust, nice look. I should also say that the very weigheing platform peaks slightly up from the other buttons and surfaces so virtually anything can be used as a calibration-container.

    thx team! (Publicado en 7/12/2012)
    Lief klein maar super sterk nauwkeurig weegschaaltje Revisión por Mercedes
    Ik heb de bestelling woensdag 10 uur besteld en had het donderdag al in huis dat is niet snel dat is super super snel. Ik had eerst bij ander bedrijf een kweekset en startset besteld, niks nadeligs over dat bedrijf hoor alleen had ik het hier besteld omdat ze al vanaf 35 euro geen verzendkosten rekenen en wilde nog wat kleine dingetjes bestellen zoals heel belangrijk deze weegschaal, die heel nauwkeurig weegt en super klein is zodat je hem bijvoorbeeld ook mee kan nemen oja en 30 jaar garantie ;) Het leuke van de weegschaal vind ik dat hij van eco plastic (hennep) is wat ten eerste super sterk is en helemaal bij mij past als bewust iemand ;) Helaas moeten jullie iets langer wachten op de reverentie van de sporen van the golden teacher zoals jullie begrijpen duurt het even voor ik kan oogsten en heb op dit moment een ander soort in mijn kweekbakje staan dus wordt vervolgt!!!!! (Publicado en 25/6/2011)

    10 artículo(s)

    por página
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