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Mexican Tarragon | Tagetes lucida | Extract 10x

Mexican Tarragon has sweet flavour, reminiscent of anise. It calms the stomach and works well for countering hangovers. 1 gram of Mexican Tarragon Extract 10x is equal to 10 grams of Mexican Tarragon.

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Contains 1 gram of Mexican Tarragon (Tagetes lucida)  extract 10x.

Effects of Mexican Tarragon

Mexican Tarragon calms the stomach and counters the effects of a hangover. Mexican Tarragon has a sweet flavour reminiscent of anise and ‘regular’ tarragon. The herb is used in many places in the world to flavour soups, sauces and other dishes.

Mexican Tarragon has (mild) psychedelic effects when you close your eyes.

Use of Mexican Tarragon Extract 10x

You can use this Mexican Tarragon extract to make a tea.

  1. Let 1 gram of extract steep in hot water for about 10 minutes.
  2. Sieve the tea and add honey to taste.

1 gram of Mexican Tarragon Extract 10x is equal to 10 grams of Mexican Tarragon.


Mexican Tarragon or Tagetes Lucida originally grows in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, and some other areas of Central-America. The plant belongs to the composite family Asteraceae. Mexican Tarragon was already known by the Aztecs, who knew the plant as Yauhtli. It was used as incense in various rituals. The plant was also dried and burnt to keep insects out of the house. Huichil people smoked the plant with Micotiana rustica in ceremonies and rituals to stimulate the visual effects of Mexican Tarragon.


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