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Salvia Leaves (dried)

Salvia divinorium is a herb that grows naturally in certain parts of Mexico. Shamans of the local tribes have chewed on these leaves to explore their subconsciousness to receive answers to questions that were not spoken.

Contains 10 grams.

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Descripción del producto

Salvia divinorum contains the active ingredients or Alkaloids Salvorin A and Salvorin B. Salvorin A is one of, if not thé strongest alkaloid discovered until now.

It has been used by the indiginous people of Oaxaca, Mexico: the Mazatec tribe. They used the leaves to gain wisdom through visions.

Usage: Soak 2-8 grams of the leaves and soak them for 10 minutes in cold water. Then chew on the leaves for thirty minutes. The effects come on slowly and can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Warning: Salvia van be very strong and should be taken with care in an environment that is familiar and relaxed. Do not use Salvia (or other hallucinogenics) when pregnant, nursing, depressed or on medication. Do not participate in motorized traffic when under the spell of Salvia. Do not mix with other substances and especially not with alcohol.

Información adicional
Información adicional
SKU (Número de Referencia) sup-sl-10
Peso (KG) 0.0200
Ingredientes No
Porciones 1 - 5
Contenido 10g
Orogin México
Especie Salvia divinorum
No enviar a: Países fuera de la UE, África, Asia, Australia, Austria, Caribe, América Central, Alemania, Medio Oriente, América del Sur, Canadá, Finlandia, Israel , Nueva Zelandia, Noruega, Rusia, Suiza, Turquía, Estados Unidos
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