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Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 24 de mayo de 2021):
Upon having issues with my XL (also treasure coast) which didnt fruit at all, I got a replacement of 2 of these kits for free as they no longer stocked the XL version. Compared to some other kits i had, they took longer to pin but produced heavier fruit bodies and larger harvests in general. Still, the fruits in the end were smaller than what I had expected but that is also due to the space limitations of the bag that they are put in. First harvest produced alot of side and underpins which was solved by putting the cake on its side and having it fruit from all sides. I would probably reccomend to get a monotub and put the cake in there instead of the bag though. All togehter I got 4 flushes out of both kits and they're still growing. Its been almost 2 months since i first recieved them.

Potency is alright. Ofcourse i did not do any extractions and its all subjective, but compared to the other shrooms I've tried before they were pleasantly strong.

4stars and not 5stars due to the design of the growkit, sidepins were impossible to prevent even though i taped the kit with blacktape to prevent light from shining on the sides. Putting the kit on its smallest surface (upright) solved this but then I had issues with the bag being too small and the mushrooms hitting the bag and getting condensation from the bag on the caps... If the bag was bigger it would be a 5*.