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Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 10 de agosto de 2013):
I've spent this summer tripping on 'shrooms at least once a week thanks to this site. I thought I'd try these for my last GrowKit. Bad timing meant I went away on holiday and missed harvesting my 1st flush. When I got back I decided to leave many of the shriveled 'shrooms in the box and set about watering the box again, (thinking that they may as well stay where they were and hoping they'd make a good compost!!) Anyway, the 2nd flush came up really, really, quickly and I harvested it. The result? So far this week I have had two of the most powerful trips I've ever had. I've no idea if it's just this species' potency, luck or something to do with my 'recycling' the 1st flush?!? Anyway, the visual effects and aural hallucinations have been simply divine. Today I chewed 5.5g dried and experienced months in the fields in manic, intense bliss. Aztec fractals everywhere around me; neon colours outlining all of nature. The Earth humming and singing in eternal waves guiding me via drumbeat voices through the countryside. Now I must sleep! I'm shattered!

p.s. Service from this site is, as always, excellent. Thank you!!
p.p.s I used 'transferwise.com' for the 1st time to send my money. No problems at all and sooo cheap!

.... zzZZZZZ :)