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Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 30 de octubre de 2012):
The setting: Dark night with no moon but the sky was bright with the milkyway going across the sky like a blanket. Outside the cabin in the woods in october 2012. Built a fire and kept it going trough the whole trip.

Mindset: Ready for a new level of experience. I wanted a deep trip but not too deep as I wanted to share this with my cousin who was with me.

Preparation: I prepared 14 grams of dried TC in a tea pot and added some fresh slices of ginger and some sweet thyme honey:)
The leftovers are always eaten from the tea pot:)

The trip: Started 10 minutes after I drank the first cup. Started feeling light and "tingly":) Always a nice feeling!
Then I started walking around barefoot in the grass, sucking electrons and giving mother earth free access to my body:) Sipping on my second cup of tea I stared at a fluffy white cloud and stood there until the visual effects really started to materialize in front of me. The whole distance between me and the cloud was starting to stand out as a web of signals beeing transmitted back and forth in a lightning speed. The cloud started to whirl around within itself and rays of energy was flowing around it making the surrounding area brighter. The stars up above started to shift from tiny little dots into crystal bright starshaped object with different triangular geometry. I stood for at least 10 minutes and thought of how wonderul it is to be able to have such visuals while beeing perfectly well:) Then I walked over to look at a hedge and the different trees surrounding the cabin. The hedge looked amazingly! Crystal clear details down to the very last atom...
The trees and the leaves was standing out against the sky as beautiful sculptures lit by the fire we had. The colors where shifting constantly as the flames rose and smoke gave substance to the air. That´s when I decided to have another cup:)

This cup I wanted to have while sitting down by the fire. Sipping tea while looking into the fire:) What can go wrong?
Amazed by the good feeling of weel beeing I stared to look at what was inside. Closed my eyes and where taken into subtle perfect machinery. Different from everytime I opened and closed my eyes. Time passed by without notice and all of a sudden I felt like having a toke from the pipe:) I shaved of some nice cuttings with a sharp knife and filled the screen of my great grandfathers pipe. Fired up and took two hits of hashiis smoke. Held it in as long as I could and turned on the new album from Dead Can Dance. Sat back down and floated into space where deep thoughts and beautiful entities live. Uninterupted in time and space I felt ME and nothing else surrounded by everything. We are everything:)
The music was very influentual to the flowing patterns of energy. The shapes where shifting and flowing with the rythms and sounds and some of the words visualized as thoughts and colors combined.

Woke up from this dreamlike state from raindrops kissing my face:) It started pouring down from a completly black sky!

The trip was almost over I realized so I went inside and got my raingear on. Outside it was raining and the morning was starting to break. Me and my cousin was walking around, talking about the meanings of what we´d been trough. When we sat down in the grass the raindrops where making everything look beautifully fresh and the green in everytin living stood out in perfect shades of green.

After a 6 hour trip with a calm return to "normality" we went to bed as the sun started to warm up the landscape. Birds started to sing again and the insects started their busy day. I went to bed feeling super! Slept for 4 hours and felt completley good.

I am fortunate enough to have a new fresh supply of TC blooming now and I know for sure that this is a very nice and comfortable shroom!
Looking forward to my next TC trip:) Maybe I´ll go 70/30 with TC and Orissa...