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Whether you're looking for some stimulation, a bit of relaxation or a good psychedelic trip, our selection of 100% natural herbs has everything you're looking for - and more. Shamans and witch doctors in other parts of the world have been using the psychoactive properties of these plants, flowers, and herbs for centuries. Now you can discover their magic, too!

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  1. Ayahuasca Pack #1 | Classic

    Ayahuasca Pack #1 | Classic | Banisteriopsis Caapi & Chacruna

    En existencias
    31,00 €
    Brew your own Ayahuasca with this Classic Ayahuasca pack! The classic shamanistic combination of Banisteriopsis Caapi and Chacruna causes an intense, mind-blowing trip. Ayahuasca guarantees a purifying, psychedelic and spiritual experience. Más información
  2. Ayahuasca Pack #3 | Intense

    Ayahuasca Pack #3 | Intense | Syrian Rue & Chaliponga

    En existencias
    12,95 €
    Brew your own Ayahuasca with this Intense Ayahuasca pack! Ayahuasca guarantees a purifying, psychedelic and spiritual experience. Ayahuasca brews containing Chaliponga and Syrian Rue are known to be particularly intense. Not for beginners! Más información
  3. Palo Santo | Holy Wood bundle

    Palo Santo | Holy Wood | Bursera graveolens

    En existencias
    2,80 €
    Palo Santo is traditionally used by shamans in South America during Ayahuasca rituals. The aromatic Palo Santo spreads a lovely, sweet smell once lit aflame. Palo Santo has calming, soothing effects, making it a perfect accompaniment to a meditation or mushroom session. Sold in a bundle of 2-4 sticks Más información
  4. Maconha Brava | Zornia latifolia

    Maconha Brava | Zornia latifolia

    En existencias
    9,50 €
    Maconha Brava has relaxing, calming and euphoric effects. Maconha Brava is similar to cannabis, but slightly milder. Locally, the herb is also known as ‘fake marijuana’. Más información
  5. Ginkgo Biloba Shredded

    Ginkgo Biloba

    En existencias
    6,95 €
    Ginkgo biloba heeft een positief effect op de bloedcirculatie. Regelmatige consumptie van Ginkgo verbetert het geheugen en concentratievermogen.Een combinatie met bloedverdunners of diabetes medicatie kan gevaarlijk zijn. Más información
  6. CBD Crystal Terpenes 0,5 Grams

    CBD 99.6 % Crystal Terpenes | 0,5 Grams | CBDirective

    En existencias

    Precio Habitual: 43,00 €

    Special Price 35,00 €

    CBD Crystals from CBDirective are 99.6 % pure CBD Crystals extracted from Bio-certified hemp flower

    CBCrystal – 0,5 gram with Hemp Terpenes. The terpenes give the crystals a taste of the hemp it's made from.

    Más información
  7.  CBDoobie Pouch 10 gram

    CBDoobie Pouch 10 gram | CBDirective

    En existencias

    Precio Habitual: 15,00 €

    Special Price 9,95 €

    CBDoobie Pouch is a herbal supplement consisting of 10 grams high quality CBD-rich hemp flower. Clear Mind, Healthy Body. Más información
  8. African Dream Root | Silene Capensis | 5 grams

    African Dream Root | Silene Capensis | 5 grams

    En existencias
    10,50 €
    The dried root of Silene Capensis, also known as African Dream Root, stimulates dreams. Eating this dreamherb or drinking a brew from the root may induce lucid dreams. The South African Xhosa people have been using Silene Capensis for centuries, in rituals to predict the future and communicate with their ancestors. Más información
  9.  Voacanga Africana Rootbark

    Voacanga Africana Rootbark

    En existencias
    13,95 €
    Voacanga Africana Rootbark contains the psychoactive substances voacangine and voccamine. These substances have stimulating, performance enhancing effects and can cause hallucinations in high doses. The Voacanga root bark is used as a hunting drug and stimulant. It’s also reported to be a potent aphrodisiac. Más información
  10. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Gelatin (Size 0)

    En existencias
    6,50 €

    Empty gelatin capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 caps. Más información
  11. Capsule Machine

    Capsule Machine | Size 0

    En existencias

    De: 22,75 €

    Para: 29,50 €

    Capsule Machine to make 500mg capsules. Very easy to use! Grind your herbs or shrooms and fill 24 capsules in just a few minutes.

    Capsules available vega and gelatin.

    Más información
  12. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Vega (Size 0)

    En existencias
    7,50 €

    Empty vega capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 vegan caps. Más información
  13. Mukanya Kude | Acacia Xanthophloea

    Mukanya Kude | Acacia Xanthophloea

    En existencias
    8,00 €
    The dried bark of the Mukanya Kude tree stimulates clear and vivid dreams during your sleep. According to the South African Zulu people, drinking a cup of Mukanya Kude tea before bedtime will induce lucid dreams with prophetic visions from your ancestors. Más información
  14.  Powder Uvuma-Omhlope | Synaptolepis Kirkii

    Uvuma-Omhlope | Synaptolepis Kirkii

    En existencias
    7,50 €
    The ground-up roots of the Uvuma-Omhlope shrub stimulate dreams. Uvuma-Omhlope contains kirkinine, an active compound that develops and recovers neuron cells. The South Africa Zulu and Xhosa peoples use this dream herb to brew a tea to get lucid dreams and communicate with their ancestors. Más información
  15. Uzara |Xysmalobium Undulatum

    Uzara | Xysmalobium Undulatum

    En existencias
    4,00 €
    The ground-up roots of the South African Uzara plant are known for their calming, medicinal uses. You use Uzara as a snuff or to make a tea. The South African Zulu people sniff Uzara for its narcotic properties. Más información
  16. Ubhubhubhu | Helinus integrifolius

    Ubhubhubhu | Helinus integrifolius

    En existencias
    7,50 €
    These dried Ubhubhubhu twigs help you to dream more intensely and also aid you in remembering your dreams more clearly. In South Africa, Ubhubhubhu is used by sangoma doctors to interpret dreams and predict the future. Más información
  17. Galangal | Alpinia officinarum raw

    Galangal | Alpinia officinarum

    En existencias
    6,50 €
    Galangal (Alpinia Officinarum) is a culinary herb that improves your appetite. It also has a positive effect on your vitality, like the circulation of the blood and the nervous system. It can be mildly hallucinogenic and stimulating for mental concentration. 50 grams Shredded. Más información
  18. WakeUp Tea Raw

    Tea Wakeup

    Temporalmente agotado
    8,95 €
    This black wakeup tea contains Guarana, Rosehups, Hibiscus and apple/lemon flavours. Perfect to get a refreshing and revitalized feeling, and as a replacement for your morning cup of joe ! Más información

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