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Paquete de oferta de tres Kits de Cultivo XL Magic Mushroom Mondo®

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Wonderful experiences, massive yields, strong resilience
I tried different brand of grow kits, but for future purchases I will stick with this one. So far yielded five times and still living, all three of them. I opted for McKennai strain for its deeper, stronger effects and I was not disappointed.

My tips would be growing them in bigger plastic boxes to let the mushrooms grow from sides, because there is no real helping from growing from sides of mycelium.

I also use pure distilled water for refreshing the mycelium, heating matts, face mask and keep everything disinfected that comes to contact with mycelium with alcohol disinfection.
For refreshing the mycelium I put it back to the original box, but I keep it on the lid while its in my bigger grow box, this way I don´t have to touch it. The less stress from unfriendly bacteria and other unrest you can provide, the better results there are.

Thank you Mondo and Magic Mushroom shop for this great product. Had great experiences and received powerful medicine. Peace and love!
Revisión por Jaroman (Publicado en 19/9/2022)
3 pack large mycelia kit
Got 3 dif strains (GT, B+, & Thai). Did cold shock & shrooms starting popping like mad within a week. I shocked each box another 3 or 4 times and got a good flush everytime!

Estimate that I got 1-2 kilograms fresh or 100-200 grams dry!
Great product
Revisión por Rui (Publicado en 16/9/2022)
Lätt att odla och bra kund service.
Snabb leverans, mycket potenta svampar och lättskötta growkits. Kundservicen är super. Revisión por carlos (Publicado en 11/9/2022)
Muy bien el producto... Cosechas muy buenas y de gran calibre... Sin punto de comparación con otras marcas... Muy recomendable..✌️???? Revisión por Juan manuel (Publicado en 1/9/2022)
Great satisfaction
This is my 2nd year buying Mondo grow kits and I am very satisfied again!

I bought B+, McKennaii and Mazatapec in this combi deal. First pins showed up after 7-10 days, with Mazatapec a week later. B+ is really strong kind. After 2-3 weeks I had to harvest few shrooms every day, and all 3 first flushes were very rich. I am currently starting 2nd flush, and it is very rich again!

And customer support is fantastic! I will be ordering next year again for sure!

Thank you MMS!
Revisión por Jenda Zahradnik (Publicado en 19/8/2022)
Still Producing
I've always had good results with MM products but most have stopped producing after 2 or 3 flushes. I'm on my 5th flush and still going. The results are big and potent and I really appreciate the service, delivery and customer service from MM. Thanks and good luck everyone. Revisión por Rusty (Publicado en 16/5/2022)
Great product
My go to strain. I normaly get 40-60g dry per box. Revisión por Boris (Publicado en 28/4/2022)
I don’t really recommend treasures coast strain in this deal, but Amazon, Mexican and GT is always a good choice guys. :3 Revisión por Virág (Publicado en 20/4/2022)
Ich grow seit 3 Jahren Shrooms und muss sagen die Qualität von den Boxen ist sehr unterschiedlich ich hatte drei die alle nix gemacht haben keine Kontamination und nix . Wiederum hatte ich aber einige Boxen die sehr gute Erträge gebracht haben und es gibt kein anderen Anbieter der es so Preisgünstig und vielfältige Arten von Pilzen anbietet. Revisión por Tobias (Publicado en 17/4/2022)

I have been a customer year I think and I have had I think 11 different shrooms. Last order was 3 x XL set. Unfortunately AMA was contaminated - mold before even opened. I just took photos and send to customer service which is fast btw! Yesterday I picked up free replacement! Just get first harvest Cambodian XL 44.7g dry and it was first flush so looking good and very strong flush! I have noticed one thing which I have not seen here.. I don’t understand why people are complaining of sideshrooms. After first flush just take the cake away from the box and put the box upside down!

Revisión por Pekks (Publicado en 9/4/2022)

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