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Paquete de oferta de tres Kits de Cultivo Extra Large Magic Mushroom

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Everything was ok, mushrooms are healthy. I try red boy, I eat a lot of them (much more than is suggested) and it was like wawes of happening... you feel so much energy around you and you realize that all things around you is energy, you are energy, other person is energy. All things become clear to you, you just must believe this!
And life, ou yes, you understand life itself, you understand and filtering other persons and all make sense how life works ... i think your brain understand everything, i think your iq is much bigger, because when you talk to other person and you try to explain something you find all the words and your explanation is so logic and simple :) i am impressed ...
Revisión por Alex (Publicado en 17/5/2019)
Very great Product ! :)
Very nice Boxes ! I became ~ 50g try per Box , after 2-3 weeks See the first little Pins :) Revisión por Lucylu (Publicado en 3/5/2019)
Great product !
I have receeived these grow boxes in October . They stood in perfect conditions for almost a month without any signs of shrooms or contamination. I’m an experienced grower , so I’ve tried many things to bring these boxes back to life. Eventually I was rewarded for my patience . It’s now January, these boxes recently gave me a 3rd flush. Lots of shrooms ! Love PES Amazonian . From my experience this is one of the best strains ! Highly resistant to contamination, big flushes, strong desirede effect , easy to grow ! Recommend!
P.S. Sometimes you need to be patient and wait !
Revisión por Vlad (Publicado en 8/1/2019)
all good
nice kit niice mushrooms Revisión por Magic (Publicado en 27/12/2018)
very good strong i my feiver. good
very good strong i my feiver.

Revisión por Vasilis (Publicado en 26/12/2018)
Allways 5 stars
Had grown this strain for long time now and im allways happy with the results. Can also tell that the magic mushroom shop service is the best! Regards/Carlos Revisión por carlos (Publicado en 25/12/2018)
amazonia son las mejores setas
gran rendimiento y potencia Revisión por Jesus (Publicado en 17/8/2018)
Will be back for more
Have been using these XL kits for over 5 years now with great success. Love B+ strain too as it's always a good yielder. Pretty much a fool proof way to grow your own mushies :) Recommend! Revisión por xSpirit (Publicado en 9/2/2018)
If it fails its your own fault, and it really isnt difficult, they are just epic, everytime. Revisión por A (Publicado en 31/12/2017)
The mushroom deities are smiling on this company and product!
First class product, first class service. Absolutely tremendous :) Revisión por Paulery (Publicado en 11/12/2017)

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