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MycoMate® Combi Pack  | 3x XL

MycoMate® Combi Pack | 3x XL

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 31 de julio de 2015):
I was really impressed by the professional correspondance with the staff and quick delivery. Also really glad my money made it safe in an envelope as I was worried about that.
I waited a coupple weeks for the review, so I could update you when things get started and so far all 3 of combi pack XL grow kits started growing despite of sometimes excesive temperature (heat wave and all) ..
B× are obvieusly the most resistant, as they started sprinkling out first;
Golden Teacher catching right up;
Mex only one showed up so far, but keeping my hopes up ;)

Will write another review after final results, so far you got one very satisfied first time customer