Magic Truffles Dragon Dynamite

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Dinamita del Dragón trufas mágicas

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Revisiones de Cliente (6)
First Truffles i tried while visiting amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum
Suited for people seeking intense visual trip
Revisión por N-lunch (Publicado en 6/10/2015)
Not working - for me at least
I've tried these truffles twice now and barely felt any change (2x 15 gr). Didn't eat a thing for 8 hours before taking the truffles and didn't use any other drugs that could have countered their effect. I ate them both times on the same day when they arrived (fresh) and didn't mix them with any other food. I've tried different types of mushrooms and truffles and almost always had a great time but these dragons just don't seem to work for me.

They work great for most of the people I know, I don't get it either :p

Good service from the shop though, ordered here like 10x already and always received my gear within the week.
Revisión por Waldo (Publicado en 26/8/2015)
good stuff
I'm experimenting with microdosing - taking small amounts just to put a bit of that magic into your day. Even with quite small amounts (e.g. a sixth or a fifth of this pack) I could feel trippiness creeping in within about half an hour, and later on a quite elevated and 'open-hearted' mood, at least on one of the doses. On another I got very focused on playing guitar. So this is does seem to be good stuff, and I'm sure taking the lot would be quite a powerful trip. Revisión por Alex (Publicado en 5/8/2015)
This truffles are very strong! they give you a trip Very intense, spiritual , very colorful and with hallucinations . Very efficient !
Recommended to all !
Revisión por gg20000 (Publicado en 17/7/2015)
Fairly lovely
Had most of a bag and thought: "I could have done the whole bag". Really lovely feeling, vivid colours and a lot of giggling. They're not very strong, compared to mushrooms, but still give you a sense of cleansing for your mind.

Unfortunately, despite what the website says, they didn't come vacuum packed; They were in normal sealed plastic bags.
Revisión por Samwise (Publicado en 2/6/2015)
These truffles were HECTIC!
After a solid 15 gram dose I was in several other dimensions and found some deep clarity and refreshment on life that I was seeking.

Thanks guys, keep up the great products!
I look forward to trying the rest of your range now, will write up a review for the Treasure coast kit once my flushes come through. :)

Revisión por Inkman23 (Publicado en 23/7/2013)

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