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Kit de cultivo setas alucinógenas Golden Teacher XP de FreshMushrooms®

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Premier flush riche mais attention préparer le deuxieme flush dans les bonnes conditions Revisión por DLC (Publicado en 13/6/2019)
Good so far
Package arrived in good time however i discovered a crack in the bottom of the container and was advised to cover this with tin foil and carry on. First flush almost complete after two weeks. No mushrooms grew in the centre of the box, they were all around the outside, and so far I only have about 10 mushrooms. However the total weight of the first flush is 190gm, with a few stragglers being picked in the next few days. Then will start my second flush. Have started drying them and looking forward to getting amongst their goodness over the festive period. Will keep you posted... Revisión por Snozzberries (Publicado en 12/12/2018)
Mouet bon, m attendais à plus d efficacité, mais soite, ces simpas, pas plus Revisión por olivier (Publicado en 16/11/2018)
Easy, effective and balanced.
Bought these to introduce me to this new shop, and customer service has been great, the products have been a breeze to cultivate and the effects are pleasant, clean and just the medicine needed to compliment these wintery nights indoors!

Revisión por Peter Merrihew (Publicado en 14/11/2018)
Great product and great first trip
Everything worked great and my first experience with shrooms was awesome but not as insigtfull as I hoped but I think a higher dose might hit the spot. I do recommend that you find the grow guide from the website for this specific brand of grow kits since it is way easier to understand than the explanation found in the description. Revisión por Simon (Publicado en 6/11/2018)
Good first crop, disappointing further flushes.
Altogether got about 8 grams dry on the first crop, which as a first time user I was happy with. The second flush produced 1 beast of a mushroom which gave me a good night just off that one. And it doesn't look like there will be a third flush.

I definitely recommend this kit to any beginners, I would definitely recommend going from a spore syringe and learning how to grow your own from scratch for anyone that wants a much bigger grow.

I regret not cloning some of these golden teachers so if anyone wants to make the most of this kit, clone your first crop because there might not be a second lot! I wish I did
Revisión por Benito (Publicado en 18/10/2018)
No offence to magicmushroomshop but ive been a verry long customer these are by far the worst kits ive ever had baught 2 kits and 1st flushs came to 8grams dry in total shocking as for the double strenth claim its lies there actully weaker than mms own kits and alot less potent than supa gro followed instructions to a t so dissapointed actully puts me off buying from this site again sorry mms you have lost some of my trust ... Revisión por Bill (Publicado en 9/10/2018)
Goede service, nieuwe kit!
De kit wilde niet starten ook niet na een ‘cold schock’... Na zeer succesvolle oogsten van eerdere grow kits vroeg ik om raad, het ging immers 3x eerder wel gewoon goed!! Tot mijn verbazing kreeg ik nieuwe kit toegestuurd! Dat noem ik klant vriendelijk!!! Ik raad dan ook deze site iedereen aan, al is het alleen al het vertrouwen dat ze geven. Gr B. Revisión por Boris (Publicado en 9/10/2018)
Great service
I’ve ordered from here a few times - always great service. These grew quickly and had a good yield. Only thing I would mention is that if you buy different strains the names aren’t on the plastic boxes - so don’t do what I did and take them out the white box without labelling... Revisión por Paula (Publicado en 4/10/2018)
Good service, good product. Well satisfied.
Package arrived on time. Very discreet - nothing in or outside the box gives any obvious clue as to the contents real purpose, apart maybe from the "reptile mat".

On the first flush, 90% of the mushrooms sprouted from between the box and the mycelium, not sure why. Even so many grew quite large (the largest was 20g) and resulted in 220g first flush. While this is not as large as some have reported, I'm still well pleased with my first attempt - and there's still the next flushes to look forward to.

Brilliant kit, fascinating to grow, highly recommended.

Revisión por Minty (Publicado en 3/10/2018)

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