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Golden Teacher XL Kit de cultivo - GetMagic

Golden Teacher XL Kit de cultivo - GetMagic

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 17 de febrero de 2023):
It took about 20 days for first pins appear.

First flush was few very large mushrooms, like 40g fresh one, totally about 200g fresh. Mushrooms were on the edges, none in the center of substrate.

Second flush - at first I was quite disappointed because again there was few mushrooms only on the top of substrate. but then I noticed that there are several growing on sides, I was concerned that they are squeezed, so I took out substrate cake to harvest them, and then I saw that there are bunch of mushrooms growing in the bottom from the perlite layer, so I put back cake in the box on the side to let those mushrooms grow normally. This flush also about 200g fresh, but smaller mushrooms and also there was quite much aborts.

Now I soaked and prepared for the 3rd flush. Put cake on the side in case mushrooms growing on all surfaces. will see how it goes.

Haven't tried to trip yet, but my wife tested 4.5g dry, they are not so strong as previous tried mushrooms from B+ kits.