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Magic Truffles Dragon Dynamite

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High Hawaiians trufas mágicas

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Revisiones de Cliente (22)
I took 15 g and it was magic. It was like a game or a movie I recommend Revisión por Svapdamp (Publicado en 24/2/2018)
Fantastic Product
AMAZING product, discreet packaging. Came pretty quickly.

I had an AMAZING experience with those truffles, I took the whole 22g in some OJ, drank it over the course of 1h-2h because they taste pretty bad. BUT this is the closest thing you'll ever experience to magic in this world. This is purely too incredible to be described by words. I had unbelievable visuals and felt many things I never had before. When I peaked and everything clicked into place, things finally made sense. Being able to experience the world from a whole new perspective for the first time like a newborn is something everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. I tasted the best chocolate in the universe, it connected with the music I was listening to, with the light I could perceive trough my closed eyes as well as the INCREDIBLE visuals that were happening inside me all along. This connection is the purest and most intense thing I ever experienced before. My tongue was a snake dancing and swirling in my mouth, playing in every corner of my mouth.

It's quite hard to put what I experienced into words so i'll just leave it at that.
Some advice :

- Take them on an empty stomach ( I made the mistake to take them raw on a full stomach and ended throwing up the first time)
- Chop and mix them in a drink
- Take your time when drinking it
- Prepare a good playlist to listen to
- Make yourself comfortable, In bed, with blanket
- Make sure to be with people you're comfortable with because you might act weird :p
- Prepare some good snacks (preferably nothing dry like chips), you'll experience taste in a whole new way
- Mint flavored candies helped me get rid of the bad taste of mushies I had in my mouth

Revisión por Anthony (Publicado en 27/1/2018)
No effect
I did the whole packages, 22 grams, with all the conditions about the ingestion etc... No effect at all, no trip. Dissappointed. Revisión por Fran (Publicado en 18/5/2017)
Perfecto en todo
Llegó bien, en el tiempo estipulado y eran perfectas. Muy recomendable. Revisión por Pol (Publicado en 5/3/2017)
Experienced tripper and I was blown away! First trip was 13g which gave good a/v distortion, giggles and depth. Second trip was 22g (1 bag) and it was awesome!! Took a while to come up but when I did I just went up and up and up and up..!! The peak lasted for about 30 mins and it was full on... I mean a 'no break' peak just flying. Trip lasted a good 6 hours. Nice come down with a good 3 or 4 hours 'intense' tripping. Will definitely buy more I love this feeling Revisión por Melshrooms (Publicado en 23/2/2017)
Took the packet in a oner, Great high and visuals for 3 or 4 hours and a decent long tail off. The packets big enough to split in half and share with someone or to use later. Revisión por Gull (Publicado en 6/7/2016)
What a amazing trip, in some sand dunes in Cornwall :) Great visuals and a great feeling of love and well being. Highly recommend!! Revisión por Katie (Publicado en 5/7/2016)
Prenderne sempre la metà , prestare attenzione per gli effetti ( sopratutto mentali ) di questa tipologia.
Comunque buona esperienza che consiglierei
Revisión por Gianmarco (Publicado en 3/7/2016)
good :)
it was my 1st time eating truffles and it was super cool :) will by again :) Revisión por Julius (Publicado en 1/6/2016)
Really the best you can find around, great visuals even if you've just eaten a full meal before taking them. Worth it's price, for an intense trip it's the best way to go! Revisión por Pedro (Publicado en 7/5/2016)

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