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Kit de cultivo setas alucinógenas Mexican XP de FreshMushrooms®

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sehr schade
die bedinung und lieferung top wie immer noch besser geht es nicht aber es brauchte knapp zwei wochen damit der erste pin sichtbar war aber nach ein paar pins wars das schon ich habe vieleicht 7g trocken bekommen ich finde das extrem schade und eine geldverschwendung ich hoffe sehr das ihr mehr erfolg habt als ich :) ich werde in der zukunft eine andere sorte als standart verwenden Revisión por WPS lucas (Publicado en 23/11/2018)
very nice tripp
but hard to grow, small yield, i have to get them again to test but they were different than others i tasted.. Revisión por jack (Publicado en 5/10/2018)
No Quality
Хуйня полная!!! Its worst what whose I borrow!!! highly not recomended to buy fresh mushroom casing!!! you gonna wast your money and time!!!! and they not extra potential at all .
All type of flushes are the same, no matter wicth sort you get!!!
two words : bull shit!!!
[mms edit: sorry to hear you are not satisfied. Please contact customer support so they can give some advice.]
Revisión por DMITRIJ (Publicado en 7/8/2018)
Really Easy to use
Everything works fine from the postal travel to the mind trip.
Revisión por Pierre-jean (Publicado en 20/6/2018)
Really Easy to use
Everything works fine from the postal travel to the mind trip.
Revisión por Pierre-jean (Publicado en 20/6/2018)
Pure Magic!
The Box came in a discret packaging and it took only about 3 days to ship.
It was full grown with myzelium and wasn't contaminated or so.
I choose this "strain" because i love the mexican stuff and i knew it was easy to cultivate.

Sooo it took exactly 7 days to see little mushrooms poppin'.
Then it took only 5 days to harvest them..
i myself made a HUGE MISSTAKE and placed it right in front of the sun (got only 20g dried), dont place in in direct sunlight if you want to have a big flush and a very nice harvest.
The whole kit just dropped 3 flushes because the sunlight destroyed it.
I did 20 spore prints on my own and now the myzelium of the spores is doing pretty well, its basically an endless cycle.
start out by buying one of the kits and then GO BIG!

have a nice trip guys and girls :)

Revisión por Klueman (Publicado en 10/5/2018)
First try - pretty good results
First time ever tried a grow kit. This kit worked pretty good in not the best conditions and without a heatmat. Followed every recommended step about hygiene, soaking after flushes, humidity, etc. Temperature was sometimes in the low range around 19-20 C during night time, tried to keep it around 22 C at least during the day. Kit came with a small patch of probably green mould the size of a thumbnail on the top of the cake, which did not grow. Instead of all these, got 3 flushes out the kit, first flush pretty good 205g fresh in about 2 weeks after receiving the kit. Second flush was a lot smaller in another 8 days, about 35g fresh and after soaking again and waiting another 2 weeks nothing grew on top, so had to put the cake on its side as they started growing there, got another 50g fresh there. I give 5 stars as it was not too bad for the first time in not always perfect circumstances. Will definitely order again and try it with the heatmat, hopefully next time without any mould and bigger yields. Revisión por Magic (Publicado en 24/3/2018)
Fun little kit
This kit was really simple and fun low yeald from first flush through lack of infomation but managed to improve with a few tweeks and some luck lol but would deffo do again Revisión por shane (Publicado en 20/3/2018)

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