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RAW Organic King Size Connoisseur Rolling Papers & Tips

Connoisseur unrefined hemp psmoking apers are made by thhe Spanish company RAW. The 32 King Size papers are accompanied by an equal amount of filter tips attached to the inside of the cover. The papers are unbleached, slow burning and what makes the Connoisseur papers extra special is that even the gum is hemp based.

Be Smart: Smoke Raw!

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Descripción del producto

RAW is a Spanish company that started of in 2005. Ever since, their number of followers is growing rapidly. The unbleached natural hemp paper burns ultra slow, making you smoke your cigarette longer and enjoying it to the max.

1 pack of RAW King Size Connoisseur contains:

  • 32 Unrefined hemp papers papers
  • 32 Unrefined hemp unrolled filter tips
  • An attached plastic band to help keep the package closed
Información adicional
Información adicional
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SKU (Número de Referencia) HDS.SMPAP.008-RAWCON-KS
Peso (KG) 0.0300
Orogin España
Estéril N/D

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32 pieces of best quality paper Revisión por Stitch
Slow burning , easy turning , best quality paper -ning :) Thank you Magic Ones ! (Publicado en 29/5/2021)

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