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Kit de Cultivo de setas magicas con fecha de vencimiento corta

Algunas veces alguna variedad, aleatoriamente, podrá estar cerca del fin de su vida útil, pero podrá producer setas en grandes cantidades. No nos gusta desperdiciar kits de cultivo en buenas condiciones así que los ofrecemos con un buen descuento antes de que se pasen de fecha. Pídalo hoy y reciba una variedad aleatoria de setas mágicas.

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26,50 €
Descripción del producto

Consiga estos kits de cultivo a un buen precio. Su fecha de caducidad está cerca y no queremos tirarlos y desperdiciarlos cuando llegue ese momento.

* Tenga en cuenta que no hay reembolso o reemplazos posibles en estos kits de cultivo de fecha corta.

Nuestros kits de cultivo de setas mágicas son suministrados por empresas de prestigio contrastado que producen estos kits bajo nuestro pedido. Los pedidos nos llegan de un día para otro en un transporte refrigerado y, en menos de dos horas, son etiquetados y almacenados, en nuestros alma cenes industriales y refrigerados.

Por qué tienen un precio tan bajo? ¿Pasa algo malo con ellos?

No, no hay nada de malo con estos kits. Solamente están cerca de su fecha de caducidad

¿Cómo sabe Magic Mushroom Shop la fecha de caducidad?

Al recibir los kits de cultivo de nuestros proveedores, Magic-Mushrooms-Shop.com los etiqueta con el número de la semana correspondiente. La fecha de caducidad se calcula en seis semanas después de la semana etiquetada en el kit de cultivo. El proceso de cultivo en nuestros kits tiene que comenzar dentro de esas seis semanas.

¿Cómo puedo saber cuál es la fecha de caducidad?

Nuestros kits de cultivo tienen etiquetas en su frontal.La etiqueta con dos números indica el número de la semana en la que Magic-Mushrooms-Shop.com ha recibido ese kit de cultivo del proveedor.

¿Qué variedad recibiré?

Le mandaremos un kit que ha estado con nosotros más que el resto. Seleccionaremos uno para usted asi que….. sorpresa! La otra etiqueta o sello indica la variedad que ha recibido.

¿Podré guardar el kit de cultivo en mi nevera y cultivarlo más tarde?

No, comience a cultivarlo en cuanto lo reciba. Si lo va a recibir en una dirección que no es la suya, un punto de recogida u oficina postal, recójalo inmediatamente y comience a cultivarlo. No espere días, ese es la idea del kit con una fecha de caducidad cercana:¡¡no hay tiempo que perder!!

¿Qué instrucciones de cultivo debo seguir?

Podrá recibir un kit de cultivo de hasta tres compañías diferentes ,cada una tiene sus instrucciones específicas y distintas unas de otras. El kit de cultivo que reciba tendrá una pegatina con un código que indicará que instrucciones deberá seguir:

MD (MycoMate®) -> descargar instrucciones

FM (FreshMushrooms®) -> descargar instrucciones

Información adicional
Información adicional
SKU (Número de Referencia) MCS.GKMYC.SDAT
Peso (KG) 1.0000
Tipo de growkit No
Dificultad No
Especie No
Orogin No
Potencia No
Temperatura óptima de cultivo No
Cosecha (Min) No
Cosecha (Max) No
rociador de agua se necesita No

Revisiones de Cliente

13 artículo(s)

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pays off Revisión por Neithan
The only thing you have to be careful with this kit is what type it is and how to prepare it, for i have soaked one overnight in the fridge instead one hour in lukewarm water :) and it still gave some yield! Otherwise 50 g of dry mushrooms with treasure coast, 40 g hawaii pes, in the winter obviously less cuz one mat doesn't reach ideal temperature. It works same as if not overdated so just buy it, you're in for a surprise! (Publicado en 19/1/2023)
First time, glad I did Revisión por Woodworker
The ordering process was easy enough.
Deliverd in just a few days.
As this was my first time I did not 100% think I would have success.
How ever, after 2 weeks with airing and spraying. And building my own heatingmat. It started showing, and in 3 days they were all over the place.
Had a Great harvest, now I grow 3 other ones aswell. I love this, the process and the effects of use.
I Will keep doing this, and keep educating myself.
Probably I Will try to do the culture stuff in the future ????

Thank you for a wounderful product ???? (Publicado en 25/2/2022)
Good work! Revisión por Marta
I just think these team is doing a really good job (Publicado en 20/10/2021)
quickly contaminated, unclear what strain I recieved Revisión por Alma
Customer service and delivery was impeccable as always :)

The package I got spelled MD on the top, and CAM on the side, so I supposed that it was a Mondo kit with Cambodian mushrooms.
It would have felt much nicer knowing for sure what it contained.
I have never had trouble with kits before from this shop, so this is my first absolute failure. Nothing happened for a month, and then green mould started gently spreading.
I'm gonna leave the cake inside a rotten tree trunk, maybe they can get a nw life next year in there.

(Publicado en 26/5/2021)
Great, but going DIY, if you can, is better. Revisión por Jan
The mushrooms were quite small and light compared to another kit I had. The inside of the stem was hollow for example, which the other kit didnt have, but this is maybe due to the strain difference? Basically the hollow stem made them lighter... First harvest produced alot of side and underpins which was solved by putting the cake on its side and having it fruit from all sides. I would probably recommend to get a monotub and put the cake in there instead of the bag though. All together I got 4 flushes out this kit and it now seems spent.

Potency is alright. Of course i did not do any extractions and its all subjective, but compared to the other shrooms I've tried before they were pleasantly strong.

4 stars and not 5 stars due to the design of the grow kit, sidepins were impossible to prevent even though i taped the kit with black tape to prevent light from shining on the sides. Putting the kit on its smallest surface (upright) solved this but then I had issues with the bag being too small and the mushrooms hitting the bag and getting condensation from the bag on the caps... If the bag was bigger it would be a 5*. (Publicado en 24/5/2021)
Awesome ! Revisión por Iowana
My parcel got lost in transit with no trace left on neither ends of the way. I waited a little before contacting customer service. They were ridiculously fast in replying (just a few hours) and within the day of reaching out to them I had another kit on the way, that took maybe a couple of days to arrive. Magic, just like the fruits :-D
I give a five star for that. The kit arrived without mention of which strain it was, and while for the most part it is important / necessary to know who we are getting in touch with, for this time the unknown aspect is a part of the process for me. Plus, customer service had already cleared out the vibe so... :)
Safe - and fun travel to everyone ! (Publicado en 22/4/2021)
Worked pretty well Revisión por Sofia
Lots of shroomies! (Publicado en 21/4/2021)
Good deal Revisión por Sofia
Worked pretty well, lots of shroomies! (Publicado en 21/4/2021)
A very nice surprise. Revisión por Hugo
Ordering this grow box got me to know one strain didn´t know and it made a very nice impression. would definitely do it again!
Everything came in order and fast. Im a fan (Publicado en 17/5/2019)
3 flushes Revisión por Marvin
Ondanks de krappe datum toch 3 zeer ruime oogsten. (Publicado en 1/3/2019)
Super deal Revisión por John
Great deal, I would by it again for sure. (Publicado en 25/2/2019)
Go for it Revisión por Tony
As always with the MMS team, service and delivery are on point. If you’re thinking about one of these kits, do it. Its a great deal for starters. And a inexpensive way to try new strains. Love the site. Love the product. (Publicado en 20/2/2019)
Gr8 Revisión por G
Mc kenna strain short date on third harvest already. Once they pop they grow fast. Very happy will order again (Publicado en 9/2/2019)

13 artículo(s)

por página
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