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Truffles Atlantis

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Atlantis Trufas

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Revisiones de Cliente (29)
Nice product. Lot of smiles. Revisión por João (Publicado en 25/12/2017)
Llegaron a los 3 días después de pedirlas, todo perfecto. Las tome con 2 personas más, 10 gramos por cabeza. Fue una experiencia maravillosa, al principio ataques de risa, después empecé a ver cómo los edificios se ondulaban y todo era más elástico. Perdía la noción del tiempo y me olvide de que existía el móvil (estoy muy enganchada a el normalmente). Una experiencia maravillosa que nunca olvidaré, espero volver a repetir pronto. Revisión por Patricia (Publicado en 7/3/2017)
As always super reliable
Ive ordered these several times and as usual sevice and product is top notch.
Revisión por Paul (Publicado en 22/2/2017)
Absolutely fascinating
Brilliant experience! Great visuals. Couldn't stop laughing or smiling the whole trip. Highly recommended Revisión por Robert (Publicado en 15/9/2016)
Excellent product! speedy postage, great customer service! :D
I ordered these based on reviews.
They were just like shrooms and lasted a good 6 hours.. and easily another 2 hours feeling relaxed and happy.

I had to contact customer service to change an order. .and had a very speedy helpful reply from them.

Was a little wary of sending by bank transfer but had no issues at all.

Definitely look forward to buying again!
Revisión por Taygus (Publicado en 7/4/2016)
Shipping was fast.

My experience with the Atlantis Truffles was at home, alone.
Effects began after 45 minutes and the trip lasted about 3 hours 3 minutes.

First part was made of funny thoughts and visual distortions, objects seemed animated by their own breathing

Second part of the trip, I decided I would stay most of the time in my bed, and meditate while listening to electronic music in a dark room. This part was very surprising, with audio-energetic waves running through my body ! A very pleasant sensation: I didn't want to move, but the music wanted to move me :)

Third part was very psychological: I decided to watch myself in a mirror... WOW fascinating, so weird, my face was morphing constantly, expressing and cycling through all human emotions : craziness, joy, fear, happiness, perplexity, kindness...

One of the best experience in my life.
Recommend 100%.
Revisión por Astrosmurf (Publicado en 5/4/2016)
Very good
Some friends and I took 10 grams each and had a great time! Revisión por Ben (Publicado en 1/10/2015)
Really beautifull experience,i waited for the full moon and i took 15 grams and after more or less one hour,the trip is started,very intense,i enjoied really a lot..also the delivery was fast and good!! Thanks! :) Revisión por Giuseppe (Publicado en 26/7/2015)
beautiful trip
My experience with the Atlantis Magic Truffles was in the middle of a wood, was an amazing trip,I could connect with nature, sounds, music , lights, feelings , people, and suddenly everything was happiness! Thanks guys! Revisión por Ingrid (Publicado en 13/7/2015)
It was first time i was ordering by this site. I sent cash by post.My letter spent 7 days to arrive nederlands,..its far too much! still we are neighboors, . Since they received the payment i received my truffes in my mail box only 2 days after. So its very quick and safe. they enven gave me my 5cents money back. impresselively pleased :) the truffes are fresh and good quality, this one is quite big , brown with some pieces green so its normal dont panic its their color. I take the full package. I ate others truffes the days before... so i was not ecpecting big effects... yet effects were still pleasant, i had big laugh with my friends and dancing for nothing sometimes , no big visual this time. but fun. effects lasted 3 4 hours. no down. Revisión por Nomad Soul (Publicado en 6/7/2015)

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