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Atlantis Trufas

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Revisiones de Cliente (69)
First experience
It was my first experience with magic truffles. And it was great! I've had other psychedelic experiences with mushrooms, but truffles as I said, was my first. I felt a little uncomfortable in my stomach at first, but then the trip was amazing. Delivery was very efficient and faster than I expected. Revisión por Diego (Publicado en 7/8/2023)
Gran experiencia
La primera toma fue por la noche, unos 5 gr, no fue suficiente. Al día siguiente me tomé el resto por la mañana y la experiencia fue excelente.
Buena relación calidad precio pero algo lento el servicio.
Revisión por Diego (Publicado en 2/5/2023)
First time truffeler
This was my first truffel expereince. Took them on a hike with some friends and we had an amazing day out. Will repeat for sure! Revisión por Alastair (Publicado en 3/3/2023)
good product
I'll definitely buy it again! the trip was fun. Revisión por Lu (Publicado en 26/1/2023)
Awsome Trip
First time trying this ones , me and 3 friends took 15 gm each and it was perfect , definitely recommend this ones. A lot of visuals with some pink floyd and it was the best trip ever. Revisión por Carlos (Publicado en 23/1/2023)
Visually Astonishing
Service is excellent, the only remark I have is to label the truffles. I ordered two kinds and I only think I had the Atlantis but I can't be sure. They were bigger than the others, the others I ordered were Dragon something.
I am an experienced psychonaut so I know that everything is set and setting, however, something that bothered me was feeling slightly nauseous all the time, it spoiled my trip, which was like: oh my god, it's so beautiful, oh my god, I am going to throw up. I don't know if it was the part of my trip or just physical reaction to mushrooms. I did them first thing in the morning just after my morning coffee, my suspect for the nauseous feeling is the coffee, because it didn't happen to me so strongly before. I always had a funny feeling in my stomach after mushrooms but never like that.
I was astonished and crying a lot, but that's my situation in life at the moment I don't blame the mushrooms.

MMS customer service edit: Normally there is always a sticker on every bag with the first 3 letters of the kind of truffles so you can recognize them.
Revisión por Mo (Publicado en 22/12/2022)
After so many trips it is still my favorite.
For deep introspection it is the best , but you can use it for microdosing it stimulates the creativity and awakens the sences.
Always try it in a friendly space with nice energies around , maybe someone to supervise the trip in the beginning it is even better.
My first trip was the scariest but after woking through the dark night of the soul you start seeing higher entities, deeper revelations and epiphanies...
It is a great tool for spiritual awakening , you can start with 5 grams and then after few trips have half a pack , when you really master it you can have a whole dose. It opens portals to other dimentions. But you may experience a real death of the ego which can be very scary if you dont have a guide ... I am very curious to know how it works for other people .
Revisión por sana (Publicado en 17/12/2022)
Peaceful and spiritual
Sounds and colors did gain a different perspective of feeling, was a peaceful experience and pretty pleasant, the truffles came perfectly packed and just in time. I totally recommend the supplier and also the truffles, thank you so much Revisión por Wilbersen (Publicado en 7/11/2022)
I tried two or three varieties of truffels but this is my favourite guys it is really magical,the visuals are mind blowing but the effect is short. Since i took it many time now i am in the 10gram expreience. But for beginners i advice not to take more then 5 grams . Can be used for microdosing as well .
The service is impeccable and very professional.
Revisión por sun (Publicado en 12/10/2022)
Wonderful Truffles
It was the first time I ate Truffles. And I absolutely love these Atlantis Truffles. Be it a full dose as well as microdosing. Very healing with alot of insights. Soon I will order again. 13 out of 10 stars :) Revisión por Daniel (Publicado en 21/9/2022)

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