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Mondo® kit de cultivo B+

Mondo® kit de cultivo B+

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By now there is growing my 7th (!) flush - the 1st flush gave loads of small shrooms, then flushes 2 to 5 mostly big ones. flush 6 + 7 now give another few big ones and some small ones , too.

Quick and helpful support to any question on the same day or even quicker ;-) - big thank you to MMS for this!

Altogether so far approximately 50g+ dried shrooms.

I ate 3.8g (my body weight is 91kg) and my girlfriend 3.3g (her body weight is 79kg) of dried shrooms at home - after 30min the trip began. It was very strong for me and my girlfriend, too - we saw all these puzzles, rainbow colours, open and closed eyes visuals, 3D or even 4D visuals - well, from my experience it was very similar to a strong LSD trip - so beware of eating too much of it.
I would highly recommend to start with 2 or 2,5g of dried shrooms and eat a maximum of 3g - I mean it's up to you, of course, but be aware as the B+ is quite potent.

If you have never had LSD or shrooms before, start with 2.5g at the highest dose.

The trip lasted about 4-5 hours, however there's no feeling for time anymore.
Next time I would like to trip outside in nature, down by the river or in a park, as I have read many good things about that being out in nature tripping.

I will try another box and have chosen the Equadorian for now - it's good fun to see the shrooms growing and so on.

Thank you very much MMS to make all of this possible.
Ah, very quick and save delivery.