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Mondo® kit de cultivo B+

Mondo® kit de cultivo B+

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 6 de abril de 2013):
No regrets whatsoever about buying this. The kit arrived on the 28th of February (the team were very helpful when we wanted to change our method of payment) and set it going straight away. This was our first kit so we didn't know quite what to expect but here's what we've gotten so far-
1st Flush-
16 days from soaking to picking (9 to pinning)
150g fresh yield

2nd Flush-
10 days from soaking to picking (5 to pinning)
105g fresh yield

3rd Flush-
8 days from soaking to picking (4 to pinning)
Not all picked yet but we've already picked 39g and what's left in there still looks on par with the 2nd flush.

This last flush has gone from pinning to very nearly ready to pick in just about 2 days, it's amazing and so exciting to check and see how it's grown. I'm think we have around 400g fresh so far and there's no real signs of things slowing down.
We've already tried the contents and had a wonderful time, even on smaller amounts.
If you're thinking about getting one of these I definitely recommend it, just follow the instructions and you shouldn't be disappointed, we're almost definitely going to make another purchase at some point in the future (we may even have our eye on the combi-pack).
Good luck to all!