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Lion's Mane mushroom tincture - Hericium erinaceus extract | SOMA Mushroom TIncture | KÄÄPÄ Health

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Lion's Mane mushroom tincture - Hericium erinaceus extract | SOMA Mushroom TIncture | KÄÄPÄ Health

The Lion's Mane mushrooms for this tincture are selected by KÄÄPÄ Health itself and harvested in the Finnish forests. In this way, it is ensured that the tincture retains its high quality and that only the most healthy and ripe mushrooms with the most active ingredients are selected and harvested. Immediately after harvesting, the Lion's Mane mushrooms are extracted in 3 ways so that all the best of the Lion's Mane mushroom is preserved.


Lion's mane mushroom*, alcohol* (25%), and purified water (*organic)

No fillers, grains or excipients. Pure Lion's mane mushroom extract.


Daily dose is 2 ml. Just before a meeting or studying we like to drop a pipette full of lion's mane straight under the tongue or in our afternoon tea.

Use sublingually by placing under the tongue and swallow. Or add to tea, coffee, smoothies or recipes. In 30 ml bottles 1 full pipette equals 0,6 ml, and in 50 ml bottles 1 full pipette is 1 ml. As our extracts are strong, we recommend taking a week off after every 3 months of use.

Daily maximum dose 2 ml. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Store out of reach of children in a cool dry area. Not during pregnancy or for kids.

KÄÄPÄ 's extraction process

To make 20 liters of Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract, 1 kg of dried organic Lion's Mane mushrooms is used. So there is about 100 mg of concentrated Lion's Mane in the maximum intake of 2ml Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract per day. Dried fruit bodies KÄÄPÄ Health uses dried instead of fresh Lion’s Mane fruit bodies in this tincture, resulting in an even higher concentration of active ingredients.


Several studies on Lion's Mane mention the following health-promoting ingredients:

  • Contains powerful polysaccharides and beta-D-glucans. Is 1 of the 4 mushrooms with the highest antioxidant values
  • Is a so-called "noöptropic" (substances that can contribute to the maintenance of healthy brain functions)
  • Appears to stimulate the important brain connections NGF and BDNF

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)

Lion's Mane appears to trigger the brain to produce more "nerve growth factor (NGF)," nerve growth factor. These neuropeptides are responsible for the production, growth and maintenance of neurons in the brain. As we age, the activity of the neuropeptides decreases, leading to a deterioration in brain functions. NGF helps keep the brain vital and healthy.

Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)

BDNF stimulates new cell production and strengthens existing cells.
Several studies have shown that BDNF helps to increase brain plasticity. This keeps the brain cells resilient.

Packed with vitamins and minerals

Lion's Mane is also a source of essential minerals and vitamins, namely:

  • Vitamins : B1 B2 B6 B12 C. D2
  • Minerals: Sodium Potassium Phosphorus Magnesium Zinc Copper Mangaam Calcium

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