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Paquete completo para cultivar setas mágicas

Paquete completo para cultivar setas mágicas

¿Eres nuevo en el cultivo de hongos? Entonces pide un starter kit todo en uno. Este kit contiene todos los accesorios para el cultivo de los hongos en las mejores condiciones
Elija entre cuatro Myceliumboxes 1200cc ...

Softa-Man | 100ml   +0,00 € *
Mascarilla de cirujano   +0,00 € *
Estera de calefacción   +0,00 € *
Evaporador de agua   +0,00 € *

* Campos Requeridos

54,95 €

Precio según la selección: 54,95 €


Puedes elegir entre cuatro Myceliumboxes.




Otros productos que contiene el starter kit:

  • 3x Guantes de latex (elige tu talla)
  • 1x Esterilla térmica
  • 1x Desifectante de manos
  • 1x Mascarilla facial


*Necesitas tener acceso a agua corriente y electricidad. Esto no está inlcuido en el pack.

Información adicional

Información adicional

SKU (Número de Referencia) zgk-sp1
Peso (KG) N/A
On Sale? No
Producto alternativo: No
Tipo de growkit Estándar
Dificultad Fácil
Tamaño 1200cc
Especie Psilocybe cubensis
Orogin No
Potencia Encima de la media
Temperatura óptima de cultivo 23ºC
Cosecha (Min) 400 gramos
Cosecha (Max) 800 gramos
rociador de agua se necesita
No enviar a: Países fuera de la UE, África, Asia, Australia, Caribe, América Central, Alemania, Iran, Medio Oriente, América del Sur, Canadá, Estonia, Finlandia, Israel , Nueva Zelandia, Noruega, Rusia, Suecia, Suiza, Turquía, United Kingom, Estados Unidos
Dirección de envío

Restricciones de Envío

This product is not shipped to the following regions and or countries:

Países fuera de la UE, África, Asia, Australia, Caribe, América Central, Alemania, Iran, Medio Oriente, América del Sur, Canadá, Estonia, Finlandia, Israel , Nueva Zelandia, Noruega, Rusia, Suecia, Suiza, Turquía, United Kingom, Estados Unidos

Revisiones de Cliente 41 item(s)

Fast international shipping, great service and product. Would recommend to everyone
Revisado por Ryan / (Publicado en 9/12/2017)
I highly recommend you to order from them. Always on time, great quality, super customer service. You can order with no doubt. Very safe
Revisado por Sony / (Publicado en 23/2/2017)
its good
Very easy to do, great product , Highly recommended
Revisado por Shane / (Publicado en 22/2/2017)
golden teachers -good for beginners and advanced
I took this set because of the heating- plate. Especially in winter it is not easy to achieve the right temperature for the mushrooms. The other things (gloves, mask etc.) are not really necessary. I got good results. I chose the golden teachers because of the shamanic harmony this mushroom submitts. For those seeking for strong hallucinations I wouldn't take this one.
Revisado por Michael / (Publicado en 22/2/2017)
Great intro into growing shrooms!
!st flush 200g, 2nd 54g..... then 5g and quickly downhill. The heat mat plug had disconnected from a 2 pin adapter. 28 to 30 deg C, worked great. Excellent buzz, some visuals and reset me mentally. Looking at trying the supagrow kit next.
Revisado por Notts lad / (Publicado en 11/9/2016)
great service (both content and shipping)
i start with saying that this was for me the first time buying anything from the web that regards psychedelics and i was reluctant about which site visit and what product buy , i put my trust in this site and bought a golden teacher starter kit
and i absolutely don't regret it, it was in the end a fast shipping and the package arrived in perfect state and nothing was missing from the box, i totally recomend this to anyone who has nothing to start with, in this bundle you have everything you need .
ps. the heating panel could get enough hot to kill the myceliums if it's in contact with the box so i recomend you to keep it at least at 1- 1.5 cm away or more. :)
Revisado por vexed / (Publicado en 25/6/2016)
superb customer service as I wrote a wrong address but these guys replied me really quick and solved the problems within seconds. In terms of the product, harvesting the third flush now and they are still all good and quite strong. Had maybe 6 dried one last time and ended up with a massive delightful trip.
Revisado por JADE / (Publicado en 28/5/2016)
Would highly recommend these. Super fast delivery, high yields and an unimaginable experience
Revisado por Lee / (Publicado en 28/4/2016)
About the grow kit, well, everything worked just as described. The heating pad is a must, the desinfectant is very handy, the gloves I don't use, the grow box is just fine.
About the mushrooms, well, I guess I grew them with a lot of love, I tried them for the first time two days ago, and I left my physical body and met the buddah, who taught me many very valuable insights. So yup, recommended. (amazonian)
Revisado por David / (Publicado en 14/4/2016)
Good delivery
Very fast delivery.
Unfortunately I was not accurate to start the process immediately and the place was too dark.
But after 3 weeks the first flush came up and was ready to harvest.
Revisado por Jerome / (Publicado en 12/4/2016)
easy ordering,easy set up, easy growing
1 st flush came quick.
2 nd flush is coming.
Haven't tried them but i trust those mc kennai
that it will bring me what i need.
Revisado por wim / (Publicado en 6/10/2015)
Everything went smoothly
Perfect, got the package i ordered nicely packed and undamaged.
Did everything like instructed. Was alittle disapointed after 9 days still nothing but then all of a sudden from day 10-15 everything went extremly fast. Doing the 2nd flush now.
Managed to dehydrate everything and packed it in moisture tight glass jars with Silica Gel on the bottom and they are just 100% dry and perfect for fun when time allows it :)
Revisado por Josh / (Publicado en 7/9/2015)
No luck yet, though Amazon-beating customer service...
I've been growing my B+ for almost 3 weeks for now, and it seems to have dried out in spite of sticking to the instructions very strictly... I was advised now to start from the beginning, so maybe I will be luckier with that.

But the customer service is definitely first-class, the delivery arrived much sooner than I expected, in a discrete package. As well as the website, it's very professional, so congratulations for that!
Revisado por Kriszta / (Publicado en 1/9/2015)
It's very cool
Commande reçu rapidement. Par faute de temps, j'ai attendu quelques semaines avant de lancé mon kit en production et malgré cela, le rendement est rendez-vous.
Revisado por Frederic / (Publicado en 21/7/2015)
These guys are great! Speedy dispatch and delivery and good quality starter kits :)
Revisado por Harry / (Publicado en 24/6/2015)
Day 1 can´t say anything to the Mushrooms yet, but delivery was extremly fast within 2 days!! 10/10
Revisado por Jan / (Publicado en 12/6/2015)
Great service!
Better than anything I've tried! That being said, I haven't tried the mushrooms yet...
Revisado por Nikolaj / (Publicado en 3/6/2015)
i got my pack within 5 days and its easy to track. everything is clear and fine but the pack should include a big zip bag. thanks for the samples and presents :) Peace!!
Revisado por Kubilay / (Publicado en 2/6/2015)
above expectations
Customer service 5/5
Product quality 5/5
Parcel tracking 4/5
(Arrived before scheduled date by delivery company) I'm lucky I was home. However they would happily revisit for free).

I love this site - highly recommended.

Except the site said one strain was in stock when it wasn't which delayed the process 2 days until I had to choose a different strain. I'm still happy. I would order again.
Revisado por stoned shaman / (Publicado en 24/4/2015)
fist timer amazing results
grow kit was easy to use in just under a month I had my first trip on mazatapac only ate 5 fresh and had amazing visuals and body high.will be drying my others now and soaking too
Revisado por saledfingers / (Publicado en 17/2/2015)
Alles Super! Von der Lieferung bis zur Ware!
Kann allen nur empfehlen hier zu bestellen! Ware kommt super schnell und das Preis-/Leistungsverhältniss kann ich mir besser nicht vorstellen!
Revisado por Markus / (Publicado en 29/1/2015)
top !
blitzversand ! 1 a ! super preis ! bester shop im net ! merry x mas shroomsqaud
Revisado por christian / (Publicado en 24/12/2014)
Great and beautiful
The first days I had some problems with a constant temperature of 23C°, but than I construct a little, very cheap wooden-cabinet and the myzel started growing fast and the first pins came out (after 16 days).

There are still coming very nice mushrooms and I harvested the 4th time. Maybe I get a 5th flush - hopefully.

The trips are very easy and light, so absolutly perfect for beginners (like I was).

Many thanks to the MMS for the good tips, I found on your site. And your photo galleries are very helpful, too.

Now I have a new little hobby: Growing Mushrooms - they're looking beautiful, like flowers :-)
Revisado por Chris / (Publicado en 21/12/2014)
Great service
I got my pack within 2 days (!) everything went fast, great, friendly customer service! Waiting to see the result... :)

Ich habe das paket in 2 tagen (!) bekommen, alles war schnell und die kundenbetreung ist auch sehr freundlich und hilfsreich! Warten auf die ergebnis...
Revisado por Daniel / (Publicado en 18/7/2013)
Super Schnell und Zuverlässig!
Vor 9 Tagen kam das Kit bei mir an, nur 3 Tage nach der Bestellung! Seit heute sehe ich hier die ersten Kleinen Pilze spriessen. In einer Woche oder so sind sie bestimmt reif zu Ernte. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt wie sich so ein Pilztrip anfühlt :)
Revisado por Thorsten / (Publicado en 17/3/2013)
my first buying expereince was good
order received on time though a bit expensive courier had plenty in first flush but now as its getting hotter here fewer yields now
Revisado por faraz / (Publicado en 7/3/2013)
really satisfied
had some problems during the growth but always someone was there to help me figure out what was i had to put my kit in the fridge cause the first 20 days was not responding but then everything went right.thanks guys!
Revisado por christos / (Publicado en 22/2/2013)
Die Produkte sind schnell angekommen, alles war vorhanden. Ich habe meine erste Ernte schon verzeichnen dürfen, jedoch mit unbefriedigenden Erfolg (Angeblich zu früh geerntet). Ich habe mir die FAQs und Anleitungen dieser Seite durchgelesen, im Nachhinein hätte ich mir an dieser Stelle mehr gewünscht.
Revisado por Joshua / (Publicado en 2/2/2013)
schöne seite, netter service , top shipping und sehr gute qualität!
Habe mir das pack bestellt mit b+ und bin sehr zufrieden!
der erste flush brachte mir 15g trocken ein der 2 te 13g und es geht immer weiter:)
werde in zukunft nurnoch hier bestellen.
der service war einfach super!!
weiter so MMS team!!
Revisado por miriam / (Publicado en 8/1/2013)
easy to grow for good time
It was my first time to grow magic mushroom.
So i worried a bit when i order.
But everything went just perfect from order to harvest. And had really good time.

Revisado por Y.H. / (Publicado en 29/12/2012)
it's really worth it!!!
Starter pack is that what you need when you buying first time. Thermo mat does what it was meant to, really helpful especially at winter or cold periods. Other items quite needed as well plus with that price you get it all its really good. I've chosen mexican ones coz of their popularity and I can swear guys you won't be disappointed with them. Quite soft though and really relaxing, put some Trance music on and they'll take you to the other dimension. Nice colors and trust me loads of giggles :) there's no way you will have a bad trip after them. Eat some more, maybe 20-25g fresh and you will get some amazing visuals. So far had round 340g fresh shrooms and still growing next ones. Enjoy your trips fellas!!! don't forget about TRANCE music ;)
Revisado por shroomsLover / (Publicado en 2/12/2012)
Quick delivery, great service
Thank you for the great service and quick delivery!

Now I am waiting to see them grow.

Revisado por J. / (Publicado en 12/9/2012)
Low Value, but a good trip.
Everything from shipping to setting up was easy and this wasn't my first kit either so I didn't pay to much attention to the manuals around since I knew what to do.

But for some reason my kit only gave the initial flush and died after that, I got 51 grams of fresh mushrooms which in my opinion is way to little.

I shared the fresh mushies with a friend and we watched 21 jump street and his words on the movie was "This movie.. is made for us!" A really good trip and we had time to chill in the yard and watch the clouds but again... first flush and kit died, little disappointing.
Revisado por Emil / (Publicado en 21/7/2012)
Everything said in the other comments
Everything went perfectly like the instructions said
Revisado por Sebastian / (Publicado en 21/7/2012)
Must admit at first I was sceptical. 22 Days had gone by and not a single mushroom. Sent customer services an e-mail, to which I got an immediate reply with various tips. 5 star customer service!

As I got home to try the tips, I had 3 little mushrooms starting to grow. Once picked, as per recommendations, I started a new 12hrs soak and the results have been amazing.

I have picked what I have to say are the biggest mushrooms I have every seen. The head being practically the size of my hand! Huge! 4 now, 4 in a couple of days, and allot more on their way!

Wow! What amazing results! Definitely recommended!
Revisado por icebrian / (Publicado en 22/6/2012)
Very Good!
Easy to use, fantastic trip, second flush within 8 days!
Never grown anything like this before and was facinated to see how quick they grow! Brilliant product and has given me confidence in trying other products from
Not too stong but plenty good enough especially for first time trippers.
Revisado por Ziggy / (Publicado en 9/3/2012)
I am a complete newbie when it comes to mushroom growing, and i have harvested a very succesful flush! Another one is on the way :)
Hello there
I would like to introduce myself, I come from Denmark and am a complete newbie in this magical world. Before I ordered this starter package, I had never tried any psychedelics.
I emailed the support, and got an answer really quick. I was told that it was no problem, and it also proved to be.
The package arrived 4 days after I had ordered it, and everything was there in the discrete box.
I simply took the box out and filled it with water, after 12 hours i Emptied it and put it in the bag on the heat pad and watched the magic happen. After aprox 10 days, I harvested my first flush, and boy was I excited!
I had some really big shrooms and some smaller ones. First flush: 186g fresh!! And all I did was fill it with water and pour it out again... WOW!
When I harvested, I was a bit worried that I might have damaged the mycelium during the process. Although little shrooms are popping up again already :) Cant wait for my next flush!

As for the trips... They are intense! I have never tried anything like it. It is very recommended to buy this starter package if you are walking around wanting to experiment with the magical world of mushrooms. Nothing can go wrong.. Really!

I hope that this review will help others decide to take the step, and start growing :)
When I ordered this I read basically every review on the site, but I didn't feel 100% confident that I would be able to pull it off. I was worried that I would screw up :)

Anyway, over and out from Denmark!
Happy growing and tripping!
Revisado por Vkre / (Publicado en 6/7/2011)
Snelle levering
Ordered last thursday and received this monday. Good and fast delivery.
I will update when the growing kit is ready too harvested.
Grow you mushrooms with a heating underneath, otherwise you will mess up your kit!
Revisado por Paul / (Publicado en 28/3/2011)
goede snelle levering!!!
Kweekbak was echt na 1 werkdag binnen, goede levering dus!!

Ben benieuwd, heb em net groeiklaar gemaakt,
ook echt maar 5 minutjes werk ofzo!!

Staat nu in de huiskamer op tafel ter decoratie haha!!
Zal m'n vriendin blij mee zijn(niet dus!!) Keer wat anders... Toch!?

Alvast bedankt,
laat wel weten hoe het afloopt.....

Gr. E

Revisado por Eugene / (Publicado en 20/2/2011)
Great product
Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things,and no good thing ever dies.
So i hope this package will finds me, and finds me well. I hope that shrooms start growing like it's written in instruction, i hope to see some nice trip, i hope... (and my hopes realized for 100%)

Very good product for starters, growing is easy and quick, shrooms start growing in 13 days after dunking. And they grown quite big :O
Thermo pad really helped me in this cold wintertime, and you can use it for long time.

Revisado por Ģirts / (Publicado en 20/2/2011)
Great service, fantastic product! has been a joy to order from. Their service was excellent and they have been very helpful with all my inquires.

And the mushrooms have been great, this is going to be the only way I get my magic mushrooms from now on. No need to go out and buy from a dodgy dealer, never knowing what you are going to get. Just get the kit, put it in a corner and watch the magic happen.

I have done 3 flushes so far, and gotten around 20g dried mushrooms. The experiences have been fabulous and I cant wait to order a few more different growkits.

Overall I recommend this site to anyone interested in entering the mystical realm of mushrooms.
Revisado por Viking / (Publicado en 12/1/2011)

Información importante acerca de Paquete completo para cultivar setas mágicas

  • Para realizar un pedido debes tener más de 18 años.
  • Este producto sólo se sirve a direcciones europeas.
  • El consumo de setas mágicas se realizará bajo tú responsabilidad, por lo tanto, asegúrate de estar bien informado sobre su uso y sus efectos.
  • El precio no incluye los gastos de envío.

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