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Waterspray, msiting bottle to maintain and increase humidity

Most of our magic mushroom grow kits and myceliumboxes need misting with fresh water to increase the humidity level. This water spray holds 0,5L making it ideal for this purpose. You can adjust the nozzle of the water spray to produce a fine mist.

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The water spray or misting bottle is your friend to keep up humidity in your mushroom grow kit. Turn the nozzle to adjust the spray to make a fine mist that can be absorbed by the substrate and the mushrooms.

For use with: All mushroom grow kits and plants


The humidity within a mushroom grow kit must remain high in order to encourage pinning and for the growing mycelium to retain as much water as it can hold. The relative humidity (RH) of the air around fruiting mycelium should be at least 90%.

can be used to measure RH, but you can gauge relative humidity by examining water condensation on the walls of the mushroom grow bag

The mycelium itself can create and maintain its own humidity relatively well, especially once it has fully colonized and fruit bodies are starting to grow. However, there are many different techniques which can be used to aid in maintaining proper humidity, like misting.


Misting is commonly used in order to replenish humidity after fanning for fresh air or to replenish the moisture in casing layers. Mycelium and fruit bodies should never be directly sprayed with water

Humidity levels

The Humidity levels needed in a grow kit are difffernet in every state of the growcycle of the mushroom.

Humidity during pinning : 97-100%

Humidity during fruiting/ cropping : 90-95%

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Información adicional
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Revisiones de Cliente

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Todo perfecto Revisión por Mario
el pedido llego en el tiempo previsto y en perfecto estado (Publicado en 10/6/2024)
Sprays Water Well Revisión por Flo
One of the best Mistingbottles ever had, for the price insane!!!! (Publicado en 27/4/2024)
simple et efficace Revisión por Adelta
L'aspersion est bonne et facilement réglable. Je recommande cette taille car vous n'aurez pas besoins d'un plus grand volume.
Sa petite taille le rend plus facile à manipuler (dans une SAB par ex.).
Prix incontestablement attractif.

Good and easily adjustable.I recommend this size because you will not need a larger volume.
Its small size makes it easier to handle (in a lab for example).
Undoubtedly attractive price. (Publicado en 8/12/2022)
Excellent spray bottle Revisión por Marius
This product does a really great job. I already bought 3 of them. one of which my father is using for it's versatility. Thanks! (Publicado en 8/9/2022)
Very good !!! Revisión por Mighty Yo
I love this material !
Good manufacture, solid and produced very fine "brume" , i just have little deception "magic mushroom shop" is not write on ^^ (Publicado en 3/7/2022)
Necessary accessorie Revisión por Chris
This misting bottle is one of the necessary tools to maintain your mushroom kit, depending on the kit you will use. It's perfect for misting the bag and/or the kit. Just make sure you are using cooled of water that you have boiled before, so you are sure that you are using desinfected water. (Publicado en 26/5/2022)
???????????????? Revisión por Yehia
Great product (Publicado en 14/1/2022)
Its a damn misting bottle Revisión por Andy
Thats some dope misting bottle..It mists

@@ Edit by MMS: like a Gorilla in the mist.. (Publicado en 30/9/2021)
Fantastic Revisión por Dave
Best misting bottle out there. Don't waste money on any other as this does the job perfectly. Nice controlled bursts place wherever you need them. (Publicado en 18/7/2015)
handy! Revisión por Eugenio
... (Publicado en 1/6/2015)
Flasche ist gut, allerdings ohne Logo Revisión por Pilzfreak
Die Sprühflasche ist okay aber es fehlt die Abbildung/Logo wie in der Verkaufs Abbildung gezeigt. Hätte ich das gewusst hätte ich mir beim 1 Euroshop eine Handelsübliche gekauft...
Das liegt wahrscheinlich daran, dass generell nichts im Versandkarton auf den Shop hinweisen soll, was natürlich auch einen guten Sinn & Zweck hat...
Versandzeit war Tip Top!
Weiter so!
GLG Pilzfreak (Publicado en 23/5/2015)

11 artículo(s)

por página
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