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Peruvian Torch Cactus Trichocereus peruvianus | 100 seeds

Grow your own Peruvian Torch (Trichocereus peruvianus) cacti.

The Peruvian torch or Echinopsis peruviana (syn. Trichocereus peruvianus) is closely related to the San Pedro.

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  • 100 Peruvian Torch , Trichocereus peruvianus seeds


This cactus is native to the Andes mountains in Peru. Peruvian Torch resembles the San Pedro, except it has a lighter bluish/green colour, large white flowers and longer thorns.

Curious fact: The fragant white flowers open only in the evening and for one evening only!

Growing  Peruvian torch from seeds

  • The Peruvian Torch (Trichocereus peruvianus) cactus is best cultivated in a sterilized mix of sand, perlite and gravel (or peat).
  • Clean and desinfect the growing container. Be sure to add small drainage holes in the growing container to help reduce chances of over-watering.
  • The environment should be humid and ideally around 23 °C (73 ºF), but do not place the growing medium directly on a heater.
  • Don’t let the young cacti get in contact with direct sunlight; fluorescent lighting is preferred for the first 3 months.
  • Only after the cacti are a year old should they be placed in direct light.

Información adicional
Información adicional
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Especie Trichocereus peruvianus
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