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Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Mondo® kit de cultivo Treasure Coast

Revisión de Producto (enviada en 22 de agosto de 2012):
1g Psilocybe cubensis Treasure coast
Boiled in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes, then a teabag was added, to have a nice flavor.
Waited another 6 minutes.
Used a strain to get rid of the shrooms.
Drunk the cup of tea at like 20:40.

10 minutes later I started to realize the first effect; I was laughing about a word, they used in a commercial. After five more minutes I started to have the first visuals, it looked like a thin layer of fog, coming from the wall.
After 5 more minutes there were patterns, floating from up to down, the light changed, and pulsed.
The patterns became more and more clear, and then they turned into figures. They started to look like demons, but I didn’t interpret it negatively. I was just really happy about the fact, that I had my first trip, and thought, that those demons were the bad thoughts, we have in our everyday-life, that fall off while we’re on a trip.
I felt waves going through my body, waves of perception, and a split second it felt like having an orgasm. This happened several times.
When I was waving my hands around, they dragged along rainbows, so I played with this illusion for a while.
I was all alone, so I decided to take off my clothes, because it just felt way better to be naked. It was about 21:20, when I started to sing everything that came to my mind in an opera-voice.
The joy of producing music by myself was great, it felt like I was giving a whole concert, and my body was a whole orchestra!

I really wanted to communicate with friends, call them, and tell them about the trip, and how great it was. I wanted to share the feeling really much, but on the other side I had only 2 friends I could tell about the shrooms, but they both weren’t available.

So I decided to go on chatroulette, to talk to strangers about my trip, but then I realized, that they will get my nudity wrong, because they would think, I was a perv.

This led me to the thought, that we all should be naked, because it would make us all the same. We wouldn’t have any prejudices anymore, and could live peaceful with each other.
But I won’t tell more about my thoughts, because they were really private, and everybody should try tripping on their own, maybe they’ll have the same experience as me.
What I can say is, that my thoughts were really racing, I thought, that philosophers must have eaten mushrooms, and written it down, because I felt like I could write books full of philosophical texts.

About 3 hours after I’ve drank the first tea, I met a friend, and recognized, that the trip got weaker, so I ate another 0.5g in a soup.
I wanted to visit another friend, who celebrated his b-day in downtown, so I rode there with my bike. I quickly realized, that I don’t like being around (more than 2/3) people, especially, when they’re strangers.
At 1:30 I rode back home, and on the ride I had a summary-feeling. I was just summarizing the whole trip, and I had a really good feeling. Back at home I chilled for a while, till I wanted to sleep. I couldn’t calm down, rolling from the one side of the bed to the other, so I drank some grape-juice with 2 big spoons of dextrose.
Back to bed I was calm enough to sleep.

When I think about the trip now, I can’t remember the feeling itself, but only the fact that I felt really great. It is like a movie I’ve watched, or a story I was told. I think, this is a big point, which saves the body from getting addicted to psilocybin. I had a really great feeling, but I’m not urged to do it again, because I remember it only indirectly. I can decide by myself, when I have the next trip, neither my subconscious, nor my instincts. At the end I just can say: Try it yourself! Everybody’s different!