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High potency Panaeolus Cyanescens

Mushroom Grow bag with micronfilter

The mushroom grow bag or filter bag as many functions. It can be used as a micro greenhouse for your magic mushroom grow kit. The grow bag creates the perfect growing conditions that keeps the substrate humid and safe from contamination while it's growing. The mushroom grow bag can also be used as a spawn bag or substrate bag to grow all kinds of mushroom from.

The mushroom bags are from the brand Unicorn. The Unicorn bags are used all over the world by spawn producers and mushroom growers.The micron filter on the bag will let air run through, but not micro-organisms.

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Size: 10 x 20 x 50cm

Fits the 1000 ml and smaller grow containers

Micron filter: Use Manufacturer
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Información adicional
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Revisiones de Cliente

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good for the first trial Revisión por Louis
good for the first trial, better would be have multi-pack options, in order having cheaper price, personally prefer than monotub, less risk of contamination of all your work. easily to replace with commercials plastic-bags ( don't forget make little air-wholes). (Publicado en 11/3/2018)
Growbag in Ordnung, leider gibt's nur die kleine Ausführung Revisión por Pilzfreak
Super Growbag, allerdings gibt es nur die kleine Ausführung, aus welchen Gründen auch immer?!? Ich würde gerne bei meinem XL Kit beim 2. Flush die Growbag aus Hygenischen Gründen auswechseln...!
Dadurch bin ich gezwungen bei der Konkurrenz solch eine Growbag zu bestellen, obwohl ich diesen Shop hier bevorzuge und sehr gut finde! ;-)
Vorher Frage ich den Support an ob sie mir solch eine Bag trotzdem verkaufen bevor ich woanderst bestelle...Hoffe ihr kommt mir entgegen...
(Publicado en 23/5/2015)

2 artículo(s)

por página
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