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Esta caja de cultivo viene con la tapa. La tapa tiene un filtro de micras, lo que hace posible que el armario de cultivo "respire". El armario de cultivo se puede esterilizar en una olla a presión o en autoclave.

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Great Product Revisión por archie
They are ideal for mushroom cultivation, I recommend them. (Publicado en 15/2/2024)
Very Good Product Revisión por archie
Great quality product! I highly recommend these for easy DIY cultivation kits with Grain or PF Tek. They additionnaly provided quick support on an issue with my order and promptly fixed it. (Publicado en 2/2/2024)
small warning Revisión por Adelta
Although those plastic containers are easier and cheaper to use than glass jars, I found a flaw that as of yet, has not compromised the cultures I've made in those boxes.
Those plastic boxes being deformable on the sides and bottom, it's very hard to manipulate them without compressing them and thus making air flow in when they decompress
Air flow is something to avoid during inoculation and even when you take them out of sterilization.
So be careful. (Publicado en 8/12/2022)
XL Revisión por Gsus
Best boxes i've stumbled over, no issues whatsoever. (Publicado en 10/12/2021)
PF Tek essentials Revisión por Dugwan
If you’re in the market for containers to produce the healthiest mycelium which In turn will fruit the best fungi , these are your go to , really great people to deal with which is always a bonus (Publicado en 27/7/2021)
Cakes Revisión por ivailo
The 2 liter one is a little bit too hard for sterilize. Good for cakes. (Publicado en 10/8/2015)

6 artículo(s)

por página
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